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Olivia Summers Is Hollywood's Most Trusted Female Stunt & Performance Car Driver


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/12/2018 -- Olivia Summers ( Olivia Summers is one of Hollywood's top female Performance/Stunt Drivers. Olivia is one of the few female stuntwomen conquering the male dominated world of precision/stunt driving. A combination like Olivia in Hollywood is very rare – Olivia is a true example of the bold and the beautiful. It is not just a profession for Olivia, but a passion that she held on to since childhood. She grew up racing jet-skis and snowmobiles; thanks to her father and brothers who introduced her sports. Olivia developed her skill for quick reflexes long before she became a professional stunt driver.

Olivia's passion for acting began with her love for dance. At a very young age, she was invited to train the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater in New York. Within no time she was found dancing alongside Madonna and other Pop Stars in their music videos. Olivia then went on and trained with some of the most prominent theatre and dance groups which led her to Los Angeles, California and from there was no looking back.

Olivia Summers landed high-profile acting roles in films such as "The Deep End of Ocean", "Back by Midnight". On television she was seen in the hit series "Weeds" and "Charmed". Olivia started stunt driving on TV Shows, feature films and car commercials, earning her a place in Guinness World Records for her Hyundai commercial for most tire tracks. She is most popular for her stunt driving in the movie Bridesmaids as well as the new television show on Fox 9-1-1, Shooter, NCIS and more. "Olivia Summers has always been one of my top go-to stunt drivers in the business. She's always made me look good. Olivia comes highly recommended in my book!" says Ben Bray, Director and Stunt Coordinator. "I needed Olivia to do something difficult at the end of Bridesmaids when Annie is trying to get Officer Rhodes to pay attention to her—I needed her to drive really funny. And she did. Olivia is the best", says Paul Feig, Director of Bridesmaids.

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About Olivia Summers
Olivia Summers, is a Hollywood Actress and female professional stunt/ performance driver in LA. She is also the only female performance/stunt driver in Los Angeles with a Class B license to drive large trucks and buses. Olivia was born in Toronto, Canada with an East Indian and a German/Hungarian descent. She has worked on over 100 high-profile commercials, famous Hollywood movies and TV dramas as a stunt driver. Olivia has also been named "Hottest Stunt Women behind the Action Stars".

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