Joe Bragg Picks Best Olympic Weightlifting Equipment on a Budget


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/09/2013 -- Olympic weightlifting sets are a popular type of fitness equipment found in home gyms around the world. Olympic weightlifting sets generally consist of a seven foot bar and 300 to 400 pounds of weights. They’re ideal for both men and women who want to become stronger, fitter, and more toned.

Olympic weightlifting website wants to make sure fitness enthusiasts find the perfect Olympic weight set for their needs. At, visitors will find detailed reviews and comparisons between some of the world’s best Olympic weight sets.

The website’s homepage features a simple comparison chart that explains the features of weight sets from brands like Eleiko, Rogue Fitness, and Troy. That comparison chart compares Olympic weight sets based on:

- Bar length
- Bar composition
- Bumper plate diameter
- Bumper material
- Weight marking
- Total weight
- Warranty length and coverage

Once visitors are ready to learn more about a particular Olympic weight set, they can do so by clicking on one of several ‘Read Review’ buttons at the bottom of the comparison chart. Those reviews describe the benefits of each set in further detail, including explaining the right bar materials and listing the fitness companies which have a reputation for long-lasting excellence.

As a spokesperson for explains, buying an Olympic weight set should be seen as an investment:

“Buying an Olympic weight set for a home gym seems like a lot of money to spend. However, when considering how much people spend per year on a gym membership, it’s a fair price to pay. We encourage our visitors to avoid buying cheap weight sets, as they can break down over time and even lead to serious injuries. In addition, buying a high-quality weight set from a recognizable company today gives buyers the chance to easily re-sell that equipment at a later date.” also features a regularly-updated blog filled with the latest news and information from the fitness industry. Those blog posts include buyers’ guides and reviews of new products. Some blog posts introduce beginners to the world of weightlifting, while others recommend the best pairs of Olympic lifting shoes.

There’s one lesson that seeks to encourage above all:

“Buying an Olympic weight set can be a life changing experience. A good Olympic weight set represents a challenge that many have failed, but a chosen few have conquered. Whether our visitors are complete beginners or old gym rats, we want to show them how to achieve their full weightlifting potential.”

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