Omega-3s Believed to Be One of the Best Fats for Dogs


Orlando, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/01/2015 -- Animals such as dogs have nutritional needs that should be satisfied. There are many nutrients that pet owners can take advantage of to feed their furry family members. Many of these nutrients are also used by humans to remedy a variety of medical conditions.

Omega-3s are believed to be one of the best fats for dogs. These healthy fats can be incorporated into a dog's diet. There is a myriad of benefits associated with the use of omega-3s. Pet owners can utilize food sources such as certain types of fish to feed their pets with these fats.

"DHA and EPA are believed to be the most powerful omega-3 fatty acids today," said VitaBreeze Supplements spokesperson, Michelle O'Sullivan.

Many pet owners prefer to use fish oil supplements than pet enhancement pills. This is because there are many pills for pets nowadays that are unsafe and have high levels of chemicals. Fish oil supplements, on the other hand, are believed to contain natural ingredients that are beneficial for overall health, both for animals and humans.

Studies reveal that omega-3 fats in fish oil have the potential to improve the appearance and health of a dog's skin and coat. This can make dogs less susceptible to shedding. It also allows them to have healthy skin and a glistening coat.

For pet owners whose dogs are suffering from dry and irritated skin, they can use fish oil to add or improve moisture. Omega-3s are also associated with the reduction of inflammation associated with arthritis as well as allergies and inflammatory bowel disease.

There are many other reasons why incorporating omega-3s into a dog's diet is a good idea. These fats are believed to help support the mental development of puppies and improve immune system health. Puppies that have an omega-3-rich diet are believed to have better cognitive function later in life. Fish oil consumption is also believed to be an effective remedy to reduce blood pressure and support kidney disease, heart disease and cancer. It is also associated with weight loss in overweight dogs.

Experts recommend that pet owners give their dog a dose of 20mgs of EPA per pound of body weight. Those whose dogs are suffering from digestive disorders or joint problems should feed their pets a greater amount of EPA. Pet owners will be able to see some noticeable, positive changes such as improved mobility, better digestion and reduced anxiety and itchy skin in a matter of weeks (

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