Omeprazole Side Effects Sufferers Cured with This New and Effective Program


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/24/2013 -- Bob Barton is the producer of the Acid Reflux product, the "Reflux Remedy Report". He created this product after suffering years and years of Acid Reflux himself. To the point where he nearly died. Drugs didn't help, and really doctors and physicians never helped either. Bob stumbled upon products that you can find in nearly everyones kitchen that cured his acid reflux for good. He stopped taking Omeprazole forever. We also have heard reference to this product by 100's of Omeprazole Side Effects sufferers who have had their acid reflux cured and no longer take Omeprazole. Diet and Health has reviewed this product thoroughly with amazingly positive results.

The comprehensive "Reflux Remedy Report" reveals that this is a new effective program, which is useful for both heartburn and acid reflux suffers. The report covers what to eat, when to eat, what drugs to stay away from and even more importantly to stop taking drugs altogether. Did you know that most drugs like omeprazole, prilosec and nexium, not only can have horrible side effects, but also are only supposed to be taken for upto 2 weeks. It also contains a PDF guide that provides a step by step approach at riffing yourself of this horrible disease once and for all.

Julie Wittman from Diet and Health says that: “This guide provides prilosec side effects patients the help they need to get away from not only a drug that causes them a discomfort, but also a horrible disease that stops them eating what they like and in most cases sleepless nights". She continues by saying "This report is so thorough and HEALTHY that we have also seen people lose unnecessary weight because of the diet (the healthy foods to rid yourself of acid reflux) that is recommended. Further more, there is a 60 day money back guarantee, which is backed by a "NO QUESTIONS" asked."

One ex-acid reflux sufferer, Roger Nishimoto said "The Reflux Remedy Report by Bob Barton helped me a lot when I recently had a stomach virus, which seemed to make the heartburn almost an all day event. Only Pepto Bismol and Alkaseltzer took the symptoms completely away until I tried your remedy".

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About is a health related website, assisting people all over the world with chronic heartburn and Acid Reflux. They have discovered, that over the years many people with these conditions also end up suffering side effects from the drugs recommended by doctors. Along with Barton Publishing they provide healthy natural alternatives.

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