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Omnia Pools Is Launched as the First Multi-Manufacturer Commercial Platform of the Pool Industry

An innovative entrepreneurship is born, aiming to unite the efforts of several manufacturers in order to market and distribute their products under a joint catalog.


Barcelona, Cornellà -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/04/2013 -- The on-going crisis is forcing some companies to rethink the size and format of their commercial structures in order to reduce costs and increase efficiency.

The pool products industry is characterized by a great heterogeneity, with numerous and very different ranges of items. Until now, each manufacturer has tended to market their products independently, supporting the whole cost of the sales network.

On the other hand, buyers, usually installers or small pool supply stores, have to work with a multitude of independent suppliers and small individual orders. This involves a large number of shipments, with unnecessary costs and poor synergies between products.

To reverse the situation, Omnia Pools presents the first multi-brand commercial platform of the sector, aiming to market the products of different manufacturers directly under one catalog and working as a hub specially designed for the needs of exporter companies.

In order to accomplish this, Omnia has an active network of sales agents covering the entire Iberian Peninsula and reinforced by various support channels like I.T. and telemarketing.

Manufacturers will benefit from a shared commercial network that will allow them to access new markets and channels, a wider dissemination of their brand and to devote more efforts and resources into R & D.

On the other hand, buyers will be able to make a global purchase supported by promotional campaigns and to exploit synergies between products, enjoying factory direct prices, training and SAT from the manufacturer, as well as a reduction of shipping costs by combining product lines.

For logistics and distribution, Omnia will partner with DHL, implementing a Picking system and providing a Drop-Shipping service for exporters wanting to reach the CEE countries and the Mediterranean Basin.

After the launching, Omnia is focused in the process of closing agreements with different manufacturers in order to have all the product lines covered with the best value possible. The final company and product range will be presented in the Barcelona International Aquatic Exhibition in October this year.

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