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Industry is continuously transforming and logistics is the basis of any advertising technique of a company that includes the movement of products.


Florence, Italy -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/02/2014 -- Logistics is the administration of the circulation of products between point of origin to the point of usage to be able to fulfill some needs, for instance, of clients or companies. The logistics of bodily products frequently entails the incorporation of data circulation, material handling, manufacturing, packaging, supply, transport, warehousing and frequently protection.

Omnia group implements its actions within the area of logistics and consulenza logistica for more than 10 years, dealing with leading Italian distribution businesses. To control the Logistics and software gestione magazzino, Omnia group provides a complete selection of applications that enable one’s company to manage, so easy and incorporated: web marketing, Billing, Manufacturing, Buying, Recruiting, Stock, Point of sale, Sales, Finance, CRM and a lot more with 700 segments which can create and expand the management application designed for one’s company.

The shipping of products to clients is among the most significant stages of the whole logistics, particularly in the financial perspective. The marketing of the packing area of the vehicle, coupled with a careful scheduling of deliveries, permit to acquire big savings on transportation costs.

The storage space is among the most delicate of the requirement to get a security over entry. The computerization of the entry points, coupled with a thorough planning of the place and enables fine control over people’s entry and exit promptly and, the usage of sophisticated systems such as for instance RFID.

OmniaGroup is an association of companies that operates within the areas of distribution and consulting of information support. Omnia Group is popular within this field for a very long time regarding the development of engineering data means, automation and PC software applications of business process.

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