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Omnilexica Online Dictionary Announces Their Word of the Year for 2015

An online encyclopedic dictionary with more than 6,360,000 terms explained, has now announced their Word of the Year for 2015 and it is sending a positive message to Omnilexica visitors from all across the globe.


Constanta, Romania -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/05/2016 -- Omnilexica online encyclopedic dictionary have now announced their Word of the Year for 2015 which is actually a phrase. According to the website spokesperson, they have waited till the end of the year 2015 to release their Word of the Year. Based on the search statistics and search queries people have entered on Omnilexica, the Word of the Year is salad bowl.

"Once we broke down our search statistics into categories we were left with the most interesting words and phrases and it was our task to pick one that was not only influential but sent out a positive message too. So based on the search statistics and the nature of the search queries we have selected our Word of the Year to be the phrase 'salad bowl'," stated the Omnilexica spokesperson.

Omilexica has released a list of 10 words in total, out of which 'salad bowl' is the first one and thus titled Word of the Year. The other words in the list include 'bilocal', which implements the changing views of the world regarding a family residence. Including phrases like 'at some point' which is a simple adverb of the English language and implies more people learning the English language to break the barrier of language between nations. More words include 'civil government' which shows how people are becoming more interested in politics and learning about how governments work.

The list of all 10 words is as follows:

- salad bowl
- bilocal
- at some point
- boarding card
- civil government
- agitation
- bind
- acumen
- forecastle
- leaf insect

Lucian Velea, the main developer of Omnilexica, also spoke about their Word of the Year in an official press statement, explained its significance and the philosophy behind it. "In the year 2015, we have seen an increased number of people interested in adding healthier food to their diets, and the internet is a great source of information about this. They try to have a better understanding of food related terms in their pursuit of healthy grocery shopping, and an online dictionary like Omnilexica is a great place to start. Statistics show that young peoples' interest rose towards healthy eating in 2015 and we want to further uphold that notion."

An example here can be the American grocery store chain Whole Foods. According to statistics, the sales revenue of Whole Foods in fiscal year 2014 was USD 14.2 billion and that has increased to an astonishing USD 15.3 billion in 2015. A consumer fact also reveals the age demographic shopping at Whole Foods is most likely to be people aged from 18 to 30 years old. This goes to show the interest of the young population in eating healthy food.

Name: Lucian Velea