Omnipotech Launches Campaign Stressing Importance and Value of Personalized IT

Omnipotech's new initiative will make outside IT services more valuable for all says published reports


Houston, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/13/2014 -- Information technology (IT) specialist Omnipotech, Ltd. announced the commencement of a campaign aimed at raising industry awareness of the benefits of more personal IT support and services. The company's studies into the matter have revealed that an increasing number of consumers of IT services report dissatisfaction with the suitability of the products they are recommended and receive. By studying the problem intensively, Omnipotech has discovered that satisfaction rates and the overall usefulness of outside IT services can be greatly enhanced through the cultivating of more personal relationships between vendor and customer. As a result, the company has committed to a new campaign which will make these findings more widely known.

"On the one hand, many in the industry like to position IT resources as a commodity," company representative Robert Kyslinger said, "and there's some truth to that characterization. Too many IT vendors take that fact as absolving them of responsibility for delving into their customers' real needs, though." The rise of cloud-based IT assets, including storage, message queuing, and on-demand computational power, has been heralded by many industry observers as one of the most important developments of the past decade. While there is undoubtedly great potential value in these services, Omnipotech's principals have noted that many other companies in the industry have developed a "one size fits all" mentality with regard to them. The company's own efforts in recent years to better understand the true needs of its clients have led to some striking improvements in service quality and reported satisfaction, and its new campaign is aimed at spreading awareness of this possibility.

While the wide availability of easily requisitioned, on-demand virtual servers has been a boon to many companies which experience surging demand for their web assets, for example, some IT providers have taken to recommending these in situations where they are not actually advantageous. Poorly fitting IT resources of this sort can lead to needless complexity, lessened reliability, and increased costs. In virtually every case, Omnipotech's research has revealed, problems of this sort could have been avoided through closer communication between customer and provider, as well as an earnest effort on the part of the latter to ensure that it truly understood the customer's business requirements.

"Too many IT consultants and providers focus on building up technological barriers between them and their customers," Kyslinger continued, "and we're going to focus on showing others how much more satisfying IT can be." The campaign recently launched by OMNIPOTECH will include media appearances, the issuance of reports detailing the company's findings, and a variety of other methods of conveying the benefits of its personalized approach. Meant to serve as a reality check for a sector which sometimes succumbs to hype at the expense of its customers, the campaign is meant to improve the overall perception and effectiveness of the industry.

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