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On Call Computer Solutions Announces Introductory Free Support

Both profit and non-profit Virginia organizations benefit from expert IT support 24/7 reports VirginiaITSupport.com


Virginia Beach, VA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/21/2014 -- When reporting for the “Business News Daily” Senior Writer Chad Brooks has often commented on the demands made of the IT industry by small and medium sized businesses. He writes in his article “Small Businesses Fuel Need For Tech Support Services” about how the needs of businesses for IT professionals will not abate any time soon. “Reoccurring server issues can force owners of small and medium sized businesses to seek necessary IT support from outside sources. In addition to traditional desktop computers, business owners now have to cope with both remote computer and mobile technologies to keep their employee base afloat.”

Chad Brooks further explains, “Increasingly our research finds that the return on investment spent on IT and technology consulting services will continue to grow at large. Owners of small and medium sized businesses recognize that without constant care, strategies for preventative maintenance and a grasp of new data saving technologies in place, their investment in IT may suffer accordingly.”

To meet these current technical challenges and solve those IT issues that may occur in the future, On Call Computer Solutions of Virginia Beach was born. Michael Frieder, spokesperson for this technical services company explains their mission this way, “Computer Support for all aspects of your technology sector is what we strive for. IT Services as we deliver them, are always available on a 24/7 basis. We know that the need for expert technical support is not something that merely happens during any particular day or time.”

Michael illustrates how they have made their services affordable for those companies who need to keep to a budget. “We have developed a number of custom service packages that are flexible enough to fit into any organizational budget. Virginia IT Support now needs to encompass everything from traditional hardware setup, to data backup and secure cloud services. Our IT service team works directly with you and your employees to make sure you have the exact technical support you need when you need it most. To insure this level of service, we offer a one hour response for any emergency you might have.”

To make their services additionally affordable, Michael Frieder has made the services of On Call Computer Solutions available on an introductory basis. He describes their approach this way, “We actively want to work with new clients to help them with their current and future IT services. To achieve this, our company makes a point of offering two free hours of IT support for any business or organization. All one has to do is enter their business information into the online form on our website and one of our representatives will contact them in a timely manner.”

About On Call Computer Solutions LLC.
This company was founded in 2003 as a provider of technology solutions and emergency IT relief. Primarily serving small and medium sized organizations, they are known for their affordable approaches to IT management, acquisition and expansion. Staffed by a team of IT professionals, their services have become invaluable to both profit and non-profit organizations who wish to get ahead utilizing their advanced skills and optimal technical problem solving abilities.