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On Demand Streaming Service for Smartphones Available


Kingsport, TN -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/17/2013 -- As more and more people turn to smartphones for daily needs, businesses and groups will have to become more sophisticated in generating advertising for their needs, goods and services. has taken this concept with their audio-on-demand system.

“We are very pleased to be able to offer this service,” said Robert Cohen of QRRadio, “and we see it as the future of mobile advertising and mobile audio for things such as tours, real estate and affordable marketing to the mobile demographic.”

In essence, a company creates an audio file and loads it into the “Channel” created at QRRadio. This channel is the location of the audio file, and customers may change content as they see fit. The QR code does not change for the life of the companies subscription.

“This means an audio advertisement or information can now appear in print media, courtesy of QR code technology,” said Cohen.

This means two certain benefits for businesses and groups trying to spread messages or generate business via advertising.

“If someone uses a QR code, then the business is aware there is some interest already. Many ads in radio and television are ignored, but with a QR code, the customer has chosen to listen,” said Cohen, “and the "printing of audio" aspect means a completely new way to access media for highly targeted marketing. One that may have been missed for many years.” has a complete package for customers, including a custom mobile interface with image, Web and YouTube link and social media options and a "click to call" function for those who want to connect NOW. All information is updated in real time from the Administration panel, where users can create, terminate or change channels and content instantly. Full Channel statistics complete the offering.

Two widgets mean users will be able to share their Channel for Desktop consumption.

“Expect to hear more of our tag line, ‘Coming to a Smartphone near you!’ soon,” said Cohen.

For more information, visit http://QRradio.NET/

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