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On My Radar: Vampire & Human Fuse Sex with Love, Lies & Deceit in Spine-Tingling New Lesbian Erotica Story

Written by Kelly Renée, ‘On My Radar’ tells the compelling story of a vampire who needs a human – but not for her blood. Offering a whole new take on the typical vampire book, the strangely lustful narrative promises open-minded readers plenty of sex, steam and suspense.


San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/12/2013 -- While vampires have recently become a literary staple, variety author Kelly Renée proves that they can crave humans for more than just their blood. In her steamy and gut-wrenching new erotica book, readers are invited to turn the pages on a vampire story that’s truly like no other.

‘On My Radar’ melds lesbian romance with vampirism to give even the hardiest of readers dirty thoughts that they would otherwise never have fathomed. One thing is for sure – this short story will be burned into the memory forever.


Vampires have come so far but, like everyone else, they have their weaknesses. In this story Jess, an adapted human, has found herself becoming a stalker to one of the sexy local vampires, Tremlin. Tremlin never takes her attention off of Jess, constantly protecting and watching her without fully letting it become obvious.

The two start getting closer and more involved with each other. On one intense day, flames burn between them as they take a ride with death. Sex is simply the only thing that will save them both.

They test their luck while putting both their lives on the line. How far are they both willing to go to save each other?

As the author explains, her unique narrative is resonating very well with a broad readership.

“I didn’t initially think it would be so popular but, after being taken under the wing of Bitten Press, the book’s success has gone from strength to strength. It has really struck a chord with the social media world, too – I’ve got readers from around the world commenting on the sexier side of vampirism!” says Renée.

Continuing, “If you like sex, steam, sexy vampires (rather than gross blood thirsty vampires), lesbians, a love story, drama, suspense, etc. You will want to read this short erotica story! It’s a whole new take on vampires. Let's just say, this vampire needs a human to survive. Are you curious why? (It has nothing to do with human blood.)”

Since its release, the book has caught the attention of many, garnering rave reviews.

“I'm glad I didn't skip out on this one. I loved the different take on vampires in this story. It's hard to change up a classic and this worked for me. I wished it was longer, a lot of information grouped at once. Can't wait to see what's next from this author,” says Ashley Parker, reviewing the book on Amazon.

Wendy L. Mitchell was equally as impressed, adding, “Another great story from this new talented author, just love the vampire stories, and this one didn't disappoint, just love these two main characters, and hopefully will see more of these two in future books by this wonderful author.”

With the book’s popularity increasing, interested readers are urged to purchase their copies as soon as possible.

‘On My Radar’, published by Bitten Press LLC, is available now: http://amzn.to/1iMUtU4.

For more information, follow the book on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OnMyRadarSeries1/

About Kelly Renée
Kelly Renée started her journey in the Army. After intense events she was sent home and put in recovery. She now had plenty of free time on her hands with no clue what her next move was going to be. One day she found herself sitting on the floor looking at old school work from High School. Realizing all of her English pieces had notes of her being an incredible writer, in some way, finally opened her eyes to her talent. Since then she has become a nonstop creative fountain full of stories to tell; she’s been at it here and there for the past three years.

In 2011 she started her journey writing. She wrote a children’s book titled Litter Bug in twelve days. When the reviews came she realized she had a calling but was too scared to act on it just yet. Her injuries were still taking a toll on her. She wasn’t ready to give writing her all. In 2012 Litter Bug made its way into the newspaper and gained enough recognition to get Kelly’s attention. Her fans wanted more. She did an interview and started moving toward her writing career.

She spent three months in 2012 creating the first chapter in a list of books (for Chainbooks.com) which include: What Was Meant to be, Young Shot, Accidental E-Mail, Running on Money, Cartoon Transformer, Infamous Date, Lying Prison, and True Loves Power. Also, she has written a chapter in a couple of books, which are currently being worked on by other authors, including: If U Lie U Die by Tamara Richardson, A New Life by Steven Egnor, and The Darkness by Anne Mette Nordhei. (These books include the following genre’s: Sci-fi, Romance, Children’s, Drama, Suspense, and Action.)

She became a Published Author in July 2013 with Bitten Press, LLC (Bitten-Press.com). She has currently written two F/F (lesbian) erotica short stories for them and plans on writing a lot more. Those two Published books are Not a Time to Quit and On My Radar. Kelly also plans on getting under more publishers and writing in other genres. She has a fan base building, reviewers on the prowl, and interviews beginning. There’s no sign of her ever stopping. You never know what she’s going to do next.

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