On-Your-Feet Webinar Helps Actors Create Characters Through Their Voices


Toronto, Canada -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/21/2013 -- Later this month, SHINE! Creative Coaching is launching a series of live on-your-feet webinars designed to bring the creative potential of voice work to actors without them having to travel to the studio.

In a 60-minute session participants will experience SHINE’s fun and interactive approach to enlivening the spoken voice via practical, embodied steps. This session will focus on using resonance in the actor’s nose, mouth, chest, and belly to create distinct character voices without any vocal strain. Participants will work on their feet, receive personalized feedback from the instructor, and be able to learn by watching each other work. More details, including dates and times, can be found on their website at

“We love what we do and we see the value of it every day in our community of clients, both in our studio and in private coaching over the internet,” says Christine Berg, owner of SHINE! and one of its four coaches. “We feel it’s time to share our work with a wider audience. Webinars are the perfect vehicle for us and they’re a great way for actors to broaden their performance toolkit that’s affordable and accessible regardless of where they’re located!”

The coaches at SHINE! are active players in the film and theater industries nationally and internationally so they know the importance of solid vocal technique first hand. Selected projects our coaches have worked on include working with Genie and Gemini Award Winning director Bruce MacDonald, acting in The Penelopiad for the Arts Club Theatre (Vancouver), coaching at the Shaw Festival (Ontario), and teaching at the Oxford School of Drama (UK). Coaching can be customized to suit each individual actor’s needs with the goal of increasing their ability to create dynamic characters and hence increase their success and longevity in the industry.

About SHINE! Creative Coaching
SHINE! Creative Coaching offers practical and effective voice, acting, and accent coaching to ensure resonant, impactful communication for actors and business people. All SHINE! coaches hold Masters degrees in Voice, Acting, or both. They are faculty members of major theatre training institutions and hold memberships in Actra, Equity, and VASTA. Christine Berg, owner of SHINE!, is one of only a few Linklater-designated voice teachers in Canada. For more information, visit

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