Once a Nurse, Always a Nurse: Exploring the World of Nursing

Popular LIVE nurse talk show, Once a Nurse, Always a Nurse welcomes Dr. Ernest Grant and Dr. Tim Raderstorf, to dialogue about Nurses Everywhere, a website to which they both contributed.


Phoenix, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/08/2021 -- My guests will answer questions from listeners and discuss the Nurses Everywhere Website, which is exactly what it says: a thank you and dedication to the work, love, commitment, knowledge and experience of the Nurses of America. We have a LOT to talk about: COVID, Vaccines, Needs of Nurses and commitment of nursing organizations to put nurses FRONT and CENTER! Nurses have spent enough time quietly at the bedside doing work the public cannot even imagine! Nurses are also researchers, in epidemiology, integrative medicine, education AND innovation specialists. It is time for nurses to be recognized for the unique role we bring to the practice of Health Care of our citizens. Please join by calling 866-472-5792 to ask your questions on this exhilarating Episode of Once A Nurse!

COVID has brought new and previously unexpected changes to the practice of healthcare generally and the practice of nursing specifically. Every Nurse Everywhere in the country has had a major obstruction of the work they had done up until March of 2020. Nursing Schools had to turn their curriculum on a dime to virtual learning, with no preparation. Hospitals, already busy, found every aspect of the care they had given, changing by the hour. From the leadership to bedside nurses were desperately trying to adapt to patients, who were desperately sick and needed treatment, which had not yet been invented. Research Nurses turned every thought and many sleepless hours to identifying the novel corona virus, determine how to test for it, develop those tests and get them out to the citizens. Local Public Health Nurses found themselves in a breakneck struggle to find, test and notify infected people that they needed to immediately quarantine and release names of people they had encountered. MUCH needs to be evaluated at the end of this crisis to determine how to avoid another experience. Nurses are remarkably suited to look out for the needs of ALL patients. How will Nursing organizations help spearhead this work?

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