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One Breath... One Step... One Day at a Time: New Book by Peggy Kan Hai Delivers 365 Compelling 'Daily Inspirations'

According to the author, every life needs inspiration. Through her new book, Peggy Kan Hai delivers her wisdom while helping people realize the power they have within their lives. Told as ‘daily inspirations’, Kan Hai’s work is resonating with readers around the world.


Pukalani, HI -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/09/2013 -- While just a simple girl from Maui, Peggy Kan Hai is quick to admit that she has “been through hell and back”. From Cancer, life alerting auto accidents, being blinded in one eye, loosing her foot and having recently lost her leg, life hasn’t been what some might call; easy. But always realizing how truly blessed she is. Through whatever life has brought, Kan Hai has always retained her talent and drive to help others realize their best, their capabilities, and their worth. In her latest book, readers are given daily wisdom and direction that can dramatically change their lives.

‘One Breath... One Step... One Day At A Time’ is simply compelling.


Inspiration is something every person could use in his or her day. This incredible book is comprised of 365 “daily inspirations” to last all year long! Words can harm, and words can heal. Words can break us down, and words can lift us up. Words only have as much power, as you choose to give them. They can only inspire you, if you are open to them. May my simple words bring you inspiration. May this book remind you of all that you are, all you can be, and all that is possible in life. Life is an incredible Journey, and it is meant to be lived One Breath... One Step... One Day At A Time…

This book is meant to help motivate, inspire, and give strength and humanness to others. It's meant to help us be accountable and learn to take responsibility for our lives and ourselves. It's meant to help others learn how to bridge the gap from where they are to where they would like to be.

As the author explains, her recent recovery from a leg amputation provided the time and opportunity to finish what was a diligently time-consuming literary project. Finding positive and productive use of her time while healing; using it to help others heal and find their way to light, even in the darkest of times.

Critics praise Kan Hai for her commitment to helping others. For her ability to persevere, to drive forward, and to find the courage and strength to share her own experience, to better help others. Having suffered so much in her own life, she believes that she’s well-equipped to assist others in realizing their full self-worth and finding true balance. Not merely through words, but through truly living them herself.

Expected to be in high demand, interested readers are urged to purchase a copy of the book while supplies last.

For more information, to read a preview, and to purchase your copy please visit the book’s official website: http://www.onebreathonesteponedayatatime.net

‘One Breath... One Step... One Day At A Time’, published by CreateSpace, is also available locally in Maui, through online retailers, and may be found on Amazon: http://amzn.to/ZyoWQF

About Peggy Kan Hai
Who is Peggy Kan Hai? She’s not a millionaire. She’s not a movie star. She’s a Woman. A Mother. A Wife. A Daughter. A Friend. She is one of those people you meet, and immediately want to know. One of those people you know, and never want your life to be without. Her smile, her laugher and her spirit bring happiness and joy to others. Her courage and strength inspire others to be more and do more. Peggy’s adult years have been spent working as a Psychotherapist, an Educator and a Life Coach. Her passion for helping others drives her. She believes her Journey isn’t about her. It’s about everyone and everything in the Universe.

Peggy doesn’t believe life was meant to be lived with limits or that our circumstances define us. She doesn’t believe we are a product of what has happened to us, but rather how we choose to deal with it. She has proven this to be true for herself, in her own life. She has had hardships, as many do. Instead of hindering her life, she uses her personal tragedies to further fuel herself. More importantly, in her eyes, to fuel others. It’s not often in life we find every day people to be truly extraordinary. People who can change our very perception of life and help us embrace ourselves.

Peggy’s first book ‘Poetically Inspired’ was published November 2012. A beautiful, inspired, heartfelt creation, filled with 20 years of her life, spirit, heart and soul. Her first official book signing was held in Kula, HI, just 6 weeks after having her leg amputated. The turnout was incredible, and the response to the book was beyond anything she dreamed of. Through a difficult time she found a way to not only help herself heal, but also to show others how capable we are at achieving goals, regardless of our circumstances. May you find enjoyment, enlightenment, inspiration and motivation through her words, and most of all, from her heart.

Information about Peggy’s previous Publication ‘Poetically Inspired’ can be found at it’s official website:


For more information about Peggy Kan Hai please visit: http://www.peggykanhai.com