One Can Lose Weight with the Help of Ketogenic Diet

Ketogenic diet can aid in turning fat into muscle and allows one the capability to enjoy fatty meals.


Ft Lauderdale, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/25/2014 -- The ketogenic diet is among the oldest treatments for epilepsy. It is planned to maintain the fasting or starvation metabolism over a long period of time. When the body is in this state it makes ketones, a by-product of fat burning metabolism. It has long been known that seizures usually disappear re lesson during the duration of fasting in some individuals along with epilepsy. The ketogenic diet is low in carbohydrates and is very high in fat. When fat is the main source of calories then ketones are formed. This diet have to be followed very strictly and requires a substantial commitment to work efficiently. Children on this diet usually will not gain weight.

The keto diet has been used mainly in children to control the generalized epilepsies such as those with the Lennox-Gastaut disorder. This disorder is a generalized epilepsy that is characterized by tonic-clonic or drop attacks and often happens in children with other neurological conditions like mental retardation and paralysis. It is usually very resistant to treatment.

Keto recipes that really taste good enough for the folks who aren’t even dieting. The ketogenic diet is based on 4 main components: fish, cheese, eggs and meat and the recipes are categorized in this order on the menu. Additionally, there are several salads and other dishes made of vegetables, and sweets which one can enjoy occasionally because this diet is mainly based on salted food.

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