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One Hour Advises Homeowners to Schedule AC Maintenance in Spring


Levittown, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/23/2017 -- One Hour, an HVAC provider that services Langhorne, PA, and the surrounding areas, advises its customers to schedule air conditioning maintenance ahead of the summer months. By doing so, owners of residencies and other properties will reap several short- and long-term benefits. Visit to learn more about services from One Hour.

Scheduling air conditioning maintenance from One Hour well before Memorial Day ensures that customers will enjoy a cool, comfortable summer. Foremost, preventative maintenance identifies any existing issues and allows One Hour technicians to repair them before they become last-minute emergencies.

Additionally, a well-maintained air conditioning system is a cleaner, healthier one. Since pollutants proliferate during the summer months, customers with sensitivities to poor-quality air risk health problems without a properly maintained AC system. One Hour's technicians can also install solutions such as air filters to help customers breathe easier during the summer.

In the long term, regular air conditioning maintenance has additional financial benefits. An air conditioning system or unit that has been properly maintained throughout its lifespan can be expected to last much longer than one that undergoes sporadic or no maintenance, thus preserving the customer's initial investment. In addition, regularly-maintained air conditioning systems are much more efficient overall, meaning that customers will save on their utility bills over time.

One Hour is now available to schedule air conditioning system maintenance appointments throughout the Willow Grove, PA, area and nearby towns. Other HVAC services are available from One Hour, as well. Call 267-329-3044 to learn more.

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