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One Hour Payday Loans USA Offers Quickest Approval Through a New Online System


San Fransisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/25/2012 -- The downturn in the economic climate has been going on for years now, and every year it continues, more families are put under greater strain as wages are frozen and the cost of living increases. More and more people find themselves without the means to pay basic bills and mortgages, leading to them into deeper financial trouble or having their homes reclaimed. 1 Hour Payday Loans is a site that aims to throw a lifeline to those on the brink of serious financial troubles.

1 Hour Payday Loans USA is a new website designed to help people with financial difficulties get their hands on ready access to cash in a crisis. The site has a sophisticated system that matches borrowers to available Payday Loan providers that offer a loan in sixty minutes or less.

The site uses a simple registration system to allow users to enter the amount of money they’re looking to borrow, their contact details and zipcode, in order to receive information tailored to their specific needs and circumstances, with all results being guaranteed to approve loans in under an hour. These results also include payday loan outlets that don’t require a credit check, making them one of the only sources of loans for those with a bad credit report- an ever more common reality faced by an increasing number of Americans each year.

A representative from explained the process:

“Our system is all about speed and matching the consumer to the right lender. We realize individuals choose payday loan lenders because they need money fast and that’s what our system is designed to do. Online payday loan companies will usually deposit money right into your bank account so the consumer has immediate access to it through their debit card. When the time comes to repay it, the borrower just needs to make sure you have enough in their account.”

About One Hour Payday Loans USA
One Hour Payday Loans USA offers fast access to payday loan lenders that specialize in giving very fast loans. By stating their loan amount and zip code, the site will present them with all available options to receive a payday loan in an hour or less. For more information, please visit: