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Toronto, Ontario -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/26/2012 -- According to comScore, online videos reach an estimated 180 million unique viewers each month. Average engagement levels are going up and those of the younger generation are more receptive to advertising of this type rather than what is seen on television. During the media buying and planning process stage, businesses need to take this into consideration and understand the importance of incorporating digital video into the overall marketing strategy. According to Adam Revesz of One Inch Punch Productions, quality is of importance when it comes to web video services.

"Quality videos have become an essential part of the overall visitor experience. Visitors want information fast, but it must also be entertaining," Mr. Revesz states. "Any company wishing to remain competitive must incorporate video into the overall marketing strategy. Making use of corporate video services in Toronto is a wise move and not just for web commercials either. Videos of this type may be used for testimonials from satisfied clients, industrial videos explaining the internal workings of a company or documentary style videos outlining services offered by a company."

"A great deal goes into making a video," Mr Revesz explains. "Clients often find themselves in need of assistance when writing material to be used in the video or placing the video on the site once it is completed. One Inch Punch Productions assists clients at each stage of the process. Our goal is to take the burden off of the customer, ensuring he or she barely has to think about the video."

Web videos and commercials are only one type of video offered. "Companies may find corporate or promotional videos to be of benefit. Our service also works with clients in need of music videos, live events and documentaries or short films. The goal of One Inch Punch Productions," Mr. Revesz goes on to say, "is to deliver a client's message in a video that is both slick and entertaining while ensure the message is clearly transmitted to the intended audience."

Competition is fierce in the music industry. "Music artists, both new and established, may benefit from making use of a video service in Toronto. Videos of this type must be unique to get noticed. Our employees love this type of work as it prevents the creative muscles from getting lax. Budget isn't an issue here. The goal of OIPP is to assist each client while staying within his or her budget."

Collaboration is essential at each stage of the process, Mr. Revesz states. "The client remains in control at all times. Our job is to guide the client to achieve results he or she can be proud of."

About One Inch Punch Productions
Based in Toronto, Ontario, One Inch Punch Productions works with clients the world over. When OIPP was first established in 2003, the company owned nothing but a prosumer SD camera and the least expensive editing solution available. The company focused on a few odd jobs that came in with a goal of ensuring the customers were satisfied. This strategy worked as the clients kept coming back while also spreading the word about OIPP. Currently, One Inch Punch Productions has full HD production packages, studio shoots and two high end editing suites. Customers, having made use of their services, keep coming back. Two companies now consider OIPP the video arm of their companies. Each client receives personalized attention with every production catered to the message and its creative needs. Budget limitations are kept in mind at all times also.