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One Man, One Dog, Two Very Memorable Cities - And Hats to Match! Voltaire Visits Proves It's a Dog's Life After All

These aren’t your average guidebooks! "Voltaire Visits Paris" and "Voltaire Visits Ottawa" are the work of Allan du Manoir de Juaye, starring his adorable dog, Voltaire. Each book sees Voltaire photographed at a series of famous landmarks in the featured city wearing a local hat, with fun historical facts accompanying the pics. Think this sounds "barking mad"? Think again… this duo are fast becoming world famous…


Ottawa, ON -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/16/2014 -- As his books race up the charts with lightning speed and families, libraries and politicians chime in to sing their praises, Allan du Manoir de Juaye remembers how his series of books entitled "Voltaire Visits" began by complete accident. Stepping off a train in Paris with his dog, Voltaire, Allan du Manoir de Juaye became acutely aware of just how accepting the city was of animals. Not wanting to pass up the opportunity to visit many of the wonderful sights together, Allan du Manoir de Juaye bought Voltaire a traditional French beret and photographed him at famous sites across the city.

“People were so in awe of this cute dog being photographed in a beret,” says Allan du Manoir de Juaye with a smile at the memory. “Sometimes hundreds of people would be watching me! After I had amassed a huge collection of photos, someone suggested that I compile them in a book. With that, "Voltaire Visits Paris" was born… each photo of Voltaire at a famous landmark is accompanied with educational historical text – making this a delightful read for (REMOVED "BOTH") children, adults and tourists.”

The natural next step for the duo was the creation of "Voltaire Visits Ottawa", following the same format and based in their home city.

Official Synopses:

"Voltaire Visits Paris" - Outrageously direct and endearing. A dog named Voltaire discovers the splendours of Paris! Voltaire visits the main tourist attractions of Paris and gives us a brief description with delightful photographs. This is the first in a series as Voltaire visits other famous cities. This book is an attractive souvenir for the English-speaking visitor to Paris, a gift for young and old. Also available in French. Color, hardcover.

‘Voltaire Visits Ottawa’ - Voltaire the travelling dog discovers the sights and sounds of Canada's Capital, Ottawa. Also in French. Colour, hardcover. Accompanies "Voltaire Visits Paris".

Stop-overs for Allan du Manoir de Juaye and Voltaire in Paris include the Louvre, the Eiffel Tower, the Left Bank, Notre Dame Cathedral, City Hall and many more. Over the pond in Ottawa (with Voltaire swapping his beret for a toque), readers have the opportunity to visit the residence of the Governor General, the Parliament Buildings, the Supreme Court, the Byward Market and the Canadian Museum of History. Each book also offers a map of the city pinpointing the location of each photo and an introduction to each location’s history.

Of course, Voltaire adorns each page with a photo of him showing off not only the landmark in question, but his adorable hat, which changes according to the country he is in.

“I have not seen anything similar to these books currently on the market,” Allan du Manoir de Juaye adds. “Feedback has been fantastic. A prominent Ottawa group has purchased copies for all their members, I’ve been invited to multiple signings and have huge demand to create other books across the world. We already have plans to continue the adventure in London, Berlin, Rome and many other cities. I think this is the start of something big and anything is ‘paw-ssible’!”

Allan du Manoir de Juaye is right, the books have garnered rave reviews. For example, Kathleen S. Lauder comments, “This is the most unique and charming book I have ever seen. I chuckle every time I open it. I have it out where visitors to my home can easily pick it up. They never fail to be drawn to it, and to enjoy it. The book has captured well the mood of Paris, and the adorable charm of Voltaire the dog. I recommend it to anyone with a sense of humour, a love of dogs or an appreciation of Paris.”

Anna Blauveldt adds, “This is an irresistible adventure: man's best friend visits the City of Light. I highly recommend it for pet lovers and travellers who are young at heart, and those who wish to see the world's iconic sites from their armchairs...This book is a charmer, and I look forward to more in the series.”

Both books are available now from Ingram, Amazon, Chapters/indigo, Barnes & Noble, and many other purveyors of books.

‘Voltaire Visits Paris’ - http://amzn.to/TE6CoS.
‘Voltaire Visits Ottawa’ - http://amzn.to/1s2m2Td.

About Allan du Manoir de Juaye
Allan du Manoir de Juaye is the grandson of a French aristocrat, Count Richard Joseph Jules le Chanoine du Manoir de Juaye, who emigrated to Canada from France. Family ancestors played interesting and influential roles in French history. One of Allan’s ancestors, Baron Pierre-Paul Riquet de Bonrepos, was responsible in the second half of the 17th century for building the Canal du Midi which links the Atlantic Ocean with the Mediterranean Sea. Another ancestor, Count Jean-Louis le Chanoine du Manoir de Juaye, escaped France to avoid being imprisoned during the French revolution and ended up in the then-Republic of Weimar where he taught French to Goethe’s children.

Allan du Manoir de Juaye studied linguistics and speaks four languages. He lives in both Canada and the south of France.