One Nation Helps Others Affected by Natural Disasters Find Shelter

One Nation, launches new website to match victims of natural disasters with families in their time of need.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/28/2012 -- One Nation and its team are hard at work, looking for host families and shelters, in the lead up to Christmas for the victims of natural disaster. Launched in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, to help families displaced by the storm find shelter with host families, One Nation aims to bring Americans together to find shelter for the victims of any natural disaster when it occurs.

The volunteer project is seeking help and support from the community, in the form of donations, food, and shelter for affected families. They are also looking for volunteers to share their time providing counseling, relief, and an ear to talk to. So far dozens of volunteers in the New York and New Jersey area have participated in the project, whose site was donated by

Part of 1-Nation’s platform is to provide information to those affected by, or about to be affected by a natural disaster about where local relief supplies and services are. In addition to trusted status reports on the disaster response from a variety of agencies and partners, so victims and host families can stay up to date on the disasters.

Over the Christmas season One Nation would like to ask you to consider joining the project by agreeing to provide shelter to a family in your area who may be affected by a natural disaster in the future. Interested hosts can feel free to contact us via our website to sign up.

Through the website, people affected by natural disasters are able to find the shelter that they need as well as families that are interested in hosting them and their families during their times of need. And, conversely, individuals that are interested in doing something to help the victims of natural disasters, as well as to take a stand on kindness are able to use as well to locate families that have been victimized by natural disasters in the USA and need help. 1-Nation also has access to finding and locating free products and services that come in handy when natural disasters strike, as well as trusted reports so victims as well as helpful individuals can be up-to-date on natural disasters as they happen.

One Nation is a volunteer based project founded in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy to help victims of the storm. The volunteers decided to continue the project, knowing the unpredictability of nature, and the sad reality there will be other natural disasters in the future. Their goal is to have volunteers across the country ready and able to take in families who are displaced by these disasters when they happen. This way the victims have a shelter to call home until it is safe to return to their own home.

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