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'One of a Kind' Aromatherapy Robe Awaits the Big Launch via Crowd Funding Campaign

Company launches holistic healing robe


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/19/2014 -- Robes have always been a symbol of luxury, leisure depicting a sense of serenity which is why they are extensively used in spas and luxury hotels around the world. While wearing a robe can make a person feel special, the feeling ceases to exist as time goes by and the robe becomes just another garment. This is about to change as the company, Aroma Robes brings to its customers a unique product that combines the feeling of luxury with the prospect of feeling better through Ayurveda driven healing.

The new robe which is truly a unique product, something that is about to change how robes are perceived is making huge waves in the market as it is being recognized and promoted through a crowd funding campaign. Crowd funding campaigns are mostly driven by consumer need and demand and it is therefore, the perfect platform for a product like this to gather steam and reach a bigger market.

Crowd funding campaigns are also responsible to introduce the public to products that make a change which is exactly what the brand Aroma Robes hopes to do. This brand’s robe is unlike a traditional robe as it is made out of a special microfiber material which is super soft to the touch and has a lux feeling. However, it is not just that, the robe is designed to address the problem of muscle aches, tension in the neck and the back, and give the whole body a wholesome healing treatment.

The robe is supposed to promote the benefits of Aromatherapy taking its essence from Ayurveda which is known to have the most researched remedies for pain and suffering. The big launch will happen on IndieGoGo on November 20th 2014.

About Aroma Robes
Aroma Robes, as a brand is a young and dynamic one but, its curators and creators are experienced professionals and businessmen from the luxury and leisure garment industry. The brand is getting ready to launch its next big product which is the holistic treatment robe through crowd funding campaign.

The campaign will help the product reach many homes and educate how people in general can invest in a robe and get the benefits of a spa treatment right in the comfort of their home.

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