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Township, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/17/2013 -- Lotto games have become one of the most sophisticated games based on the correct choice of winning numbers. Players looking for an advantage can seek assistance from a free guide that offers excellent selection techniques. To download the free guide, you can visit the free lotto guide website and provide your name and email address.

Lotto has rapidly become one of the most preferred games by players. Each nation has its own rules and regulations but the basics of the game will remain the same. To play the game, a player has to choose five, six (or seven) numbers - typically from 1 to 49. To win a prize, the player should match at least 3 numbers on the numbered balls. If the player matches 5 numbers in a pick 6 game, then he wins the second highest prize. Similarly the series follows with 4 or 3 numbers. To play a pick 6 lotto game, players have to choose six numbers on any lottery board or ticket. Players playing online can choose number combinations at random. To play a lotto game, a player must be the minimum specified age i.e. 18 years.

Players spend thousands of dollars annually on lottery games, but very few players win large jackpot prizes. The likely reason is poor number selection and playing technique.  But now players can challenge their luck by following the tips and guidelines suggested in this free lotto guide. By following the guide, players can find it easy to implement techniques, tips and advices that can enhance the winning combinations at contests and lottery games. This guide helps the players to win cash at online or offline lottery games and contests. Many times, a player will miss the jackpot by a narrow margin. With the help of this free lotto guide, players can enhance their winning chances at many games. This free guide offers the player advice on various aspects of the lottery games, what to do and what not to do in lotto game, the sequence of numbers to choose, and much, much more.

The free guide teaches players winning strategies on the topic: “How to Make Thousands of Dollars” by winning top lottery games and contests. This guide costs almost $47 in the general market. But for players who are looking for guidance and advice, they can download the guide free of charge today.

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