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One of the Biggest Examples of Sewing Artwork Is Unveiled: The Remnant House Comments


Harrogate, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/08/2016 -- A piece of large-scale sewing art has recently been exhibited at the Renwick Gallery in America, showcasing the popularity of textiles. It could be seen that the piece, created by artist Gabriel Dawe, celebrates the positivity of modern sewing; that it is a place for ambition and flair, not just tradition. It is a piece which uses multiple coloured threads to create a rainbow effect, hanging twenty feet above the ground and involving what the artist speculates as between 55-60 miles of the material!

Dawe is a Mexico-city raised, now Dallas-based artist who champions the art of modern sewing. He has already created multiple works using little more than a needle and thread; and in his latest piece, he uses every colour in the visible spectrum. It was a painstaking task, which involved stretching one thread at a time between hooks in the floor and ceiling. He also used an industrial-sized needle to finish the job, highlighting that this is sewing with big ambition!

Keen to comment on the news of Dawe's latest piece was The Remnant House, an expert provider of sewing materials and fabrics. They are frequent commentators on industry news and a spokesperson had this to say:

"We think that Dawe's work is fantastic and a brilliant inspiration to anyone who is interested in taking up sewing creatively. It highlights that the creative capacities in textiles are potentially endless – after all, you can enjoy using different colours and textures to your heart's content. We hope that more people have the opportunity to enjoy the artistic opportunities offered by sewing. Christmas is an ideal time of year to get involved in this respect, as all it takes are some simple materials to create a beautiful festive gift or artwork."

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