One of the Largest Companies Online Offers Free Samples and Products to Public

There are numerous companies which want to give out free products to consumers for marketing research or to create brand awareness.


Medford, OR -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/17/2012 -- To promote new products or their image, many companies or brands offer free samples and test products for free online. This is common across several products categories, such as creams, CD, DVD, magazines, baby foods, etc. Most of the time, these companies require to fill out a form for requesting free samples on their website. User can get free stuff by mail on If a user is looking for a specific type of free stuff online, then is an ideal resource. The most important characteristic of free stuff available on the site is that all offers are verified and tested by the website team.

Majority of people don’t know that they can get free stuff by mail through a number of online sources. Many people do not realize the amount of free stuff times available on the internet, so they do not benefit from these samples. Everyone can start saving money and still get the high quality by registering at the site for free stuff. Many manufacturing companies want consumers to test their products for two reasons: first, to help people know that the product is out there so they are aware of the brand, and secondly, to test market the product concept. These companies have found that their advertising dollars are better spent giving consumers free samples rather than paying for commercials and billboards.

Because there are so many free samples available out there, users need to sign up at a single site to gain access to all freebies. User can find free samples of any product ranging from beauty products and household cleaners to food and baby supplies. The internet has allowed many manufacturers to reach consumers directly; all the user need to do is give them their information which can be useful for the manufacturer for marketing research. Most companies require simple information such as your name, email and mailing address, and within a few weeks the user receives free stuff by mail.

Another major big advantage of signing up for free stuff online is that these free samples allow user to try the product before buying. If there is a specific product the user is interested in, one can get a small free sample before putting money into buying the product in store. In this way, if user does not like it for any reason he/she does not lose money.

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