One-off Chopsticks Market Revenue Growth Predicted by 2018 to 2027

The factors restraining the growth of the one-off chopsticks market include government’s regulation against de-forestation.


Rockville, MD -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/10/2018 -- Since past several years, chopsticks are being used for eating purposes in East Asia. Chopsticks were initially used in China and later the trend of using chopsticks spread across other Asian countries such as Vietnam, Japan, Singapore, Korea, Malaysia and Laos. One-off chopsticks are pair of chopsticks that are joined at one end with a view to facilitate ease and convenience while eating. One-off chopsticks are made of wood, bamboo, stainless steel or even plastic. There is a typical method to use one-off chopsticks. They are held in the dominant hand and with the help of thumb and other fingers they are used to pick up food, usually noodles.

One-off Chopsticks Market– Drivers

Increasing need for throwaway chopsticks, especially made of aspen is anticipated to boost the one-off chopsticks market growth. Increasing interest in Chinese, especially among kids is also one of the important aspects fuelling the growth of the one-off chopsticks market. Chopsticks are used in many Asian countries, which is creating a positive impact on the growth of the one-off chopsticks market.

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One-off Chopsticks Market- Restraints

The factors restraining the growth of the one-off chopsticks market include government's regulation against de-forestation.

One-off Chopsticks Market- Regional Outlook

Asia-pacific region is expected to capture a large revenue share in the one-off chopsticks market owing to increasing use of one-off chopsticks in this region coupled with increasing number of key players involved in the manufacturing of one-off chopsticks in the Asian countries. However, North America region is forecasted to be the fastest growing market in the coming years. Local government in China has restricted the use of throwaway utensils such as chopsticks, which is compelling the manufacturers to shift to North America region for the production of one-off chopsticks.

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One-off Chopsticks Market- Key Leaders

Due to presence of various local and micro-local level manufacturers, the one-off chopsticks market is fragmented. Local manufacturers are providing several products at a cheap price thus increasing the intensity of competition within the industry. Key players in one-off chopsticks market are looking after end-users with customized requirements. Some of the key players functioning in this market are Dom Agri Products, Nanchang Sanyou Industrial Co. Ltd., Pacific East Company, and Ngoc Chau Enterprise Pte., Bamboo Forever Co., Ltd., and Nine Zero Trade & Development Limited (Panda).