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High Quality Disinfecting Glass & Multi-Surface Cleaner Offered for Sale


Davenport, IA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/22/2013 -- Great Western Supply Co. is a leading source of the best janitorial supplies, cleaning products for offices and building spaces, and more, and now they're offering a high quality disinfecting cleaner which every office, school or public facility should be utilizing, OneStep. This ready to use solution will quickly protect and disinfect, even against some of the most common and harmful infectious illnesses.

OneStep disinfecting glass and surface cleaner is a hospital disinfectant cleaner which is effective against a broad range of viruses, bacteria and fungus. It's appropriately named, because this is a one-step, ready to use solution which will keep everybody protected, healthy and happy.

OneStep can be effectively utilized as a glass or multi-surface cleaner. It targets and kills off a huge array of both common and potentially serious infectious germs and contaminants, including Flu viruses, Rhino virus, hepatitis, E-Coli, herpes, listeria, mold, mildew, strep, salmonella, and even MRSA and HIV.

It's easy to use and has a great fragrance, and it's a versatile one-step solution which can make a huge and immediate impact for any facility. This is particularly true for busy, shared spaces, including schools, offices, public lounges or rest spaces in apartment or work buildings, factory floors, common kitchen areas, and more.

A few quick sprays and a teacher can be confident that she'll go home to her family healthy and won't be spreading any illnesses to her own kids, and co-workers won't need to avoid one another during particularly bad flu seasons such as the one experienced this year.

Most importantly, OneStep is utilized and trusted by hospitals, which rings as the best endorsement that a disinfectant cleansing product or spray can have. OneStep utilizes 5th generation quaternary ammonium chlorides as its disinfectant base, which has been proven to be effective.

Great Western Supply carries a full range of cleaners, cleaning products, and tools, including industrial-grade cleaning equipment for large facilities, buildings or factories. They are the janitorial industry's best source for paper, chemicals, equipment, and innovative technology and cleaning solutions.

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