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Jarrel, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/23/2013 -- With the globalization, construction industry is growing at rapid rate. One of the major challenges faced by the industry is tight deadlines. They spend lot money to be on the time frame. Construction equipments are giving the most effective help to be on the tight deadlines. For companies located in TX region, all the required equipments are available at one stop source i.e. 2-C Equipment.

Some of the construction companies are able to sustain the stiff competition just because of the equipment usage. Advent of newer equipments is helping the companies to construct finest architectural monuments. Today the market of construction equipments is filled with number of tools starting from cranes, loaders, fork lifters, crawlers, excavators, bulldozers, caterpillars, backhoe loaders and many more. One of the major challenges with the construction equipment is its availability and condition of the equipment. There are number of companies in the market who operate these equipments for sale, rental and trade. But very few of them could able to maintain them in proper condition. Another essential aspect is its inventory positions. Some companies claim themselves as reputed supplies but they don’t maintain the inventory in required level.

Among all equipment excavators, bulldozers and backhoe are the essential tools that are required for various construction needs. Excavator is known as all purpose equipment as it is equipped with multidirectional bucket. This equipment is widely used in digging trenches, foundations, holes, for forest works, cutting brush, demolishing structures, handling heavy materials, heavy lifting, driving piles etc. These equipments are necessary for housing construction projects, road construction, etc. Apart from excavators other essential tools are like backhoe loaders which are widely used in construction industries.

When it comes to the availability, very few services in Texas region are able to maintain huge inventory. 2-C Equipment is one such reputed construction equipment services in Austin TX offers wide range of equipment both on rental and sale base. They have over 33 years of experience in handling construction equipments. The family owned business always tries to meet the customer satisfaction level with latest addition of newer equipments. Best part with 2-C Equipment Company is that they serve the industry at competitive rates unlike other companies who charge higher rentals. They offer complete range of equipment starting from bulldozers to articulating trucks to motor graders to compactors.

Along with equipment they even serve their customers with necessary accessories and attachments.

When it comes to the equipment maintenance, they do take proper care and oiling at regular intervals after every use. They supply all equipment with full tanks to avoid further delays. Well trained staff understands their customer needs and try to provide exact equipment right at their doorstep. All the equipments are properly insured and registered according to the specifications.

To rent or own construction equipment in Austin TX region contact 2-C Equipment Company at 512-746-2350 or logon to http://www.2cequipment.com