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One Third of Businesses Still Use in-Trays and Papers: Pitshanger Envelopes Comments


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/23/2015 -- According to a recent survey conducted by Cambridge News, it appears that businesses still favour traditional forms of recording and keeping information. After all, having hard as well as digital copies of important data and content is considered highly secure. For example, nearly a third of businesses still expect to manage their workload using in-trays – involving the use of paper files and hard documents. It is thought that this is because many still regard hand-signed and sealed letters as important – offering a strong representation of credibility, as well as a method of actively engaging clients.

Therefore, despite the simultaneous rise of office technology and the sending of information electronically – it appears that traditional methods still play an important role. Letters are particularly prolific, and many businesses continue to use traditional methods, but modernising within them. For example, opting for coloured or embossed paper is popular, considering the envelope choices available. This adds versatility and personality to business proceedings too.

About Pitshanger Envelopes
Pitshanger Envelopes are key suppliers of a wide selection of coloured and sized envelopes, often used for business purposes. They possess extensive experience in the field and know how important stationery choices can be to promoting a positive corporate image in competitive markets. As frequent commentators on industry news, they were quick to reflect on the recent figures.

"The statistics show that many workplaces still value in-trays and hard documents – papers and files, and this is an important thing to consider" A spokesperson said "it is easy to assume that office environments are almost entirely electronic. A key reason why they are not and why paper still prevails in some places, is that it holds instant appeal and provides credibility. Nothing shows business integrity more than a hand-signed letter. Furthermore, we have seen increasing numbers of people only opting for coloured and patterned envelopes to add the final finish – but there is so much more. Envelopes are ideal for being utilised in in-trays as a method of keeping documents flat and organised. It shows there is still so much potential for stationery and we anticipate that this field will continue to grow."

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