AdeptTrends Unveils TaboLap, an Innovative Mobile Workstation Built Inside a Brief

TaboLap is a flexible travel brief that doubles as an innovative portable computer desk. The brief will be showcased at the upcoming One Spark convention along with other products looking for crowdsourcing opportunities.


Ponte Vedra Beach, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/31/2014 -- AdeptTrends introduces TaboLap, a mobile workstation inside a brief. TaboLap is short for Table on Lap, and it works precisely just like that - with the built-in table functions of a flat table-like surface and retractable shelves that act like drawers. The flat surface works like a table top on which a traveler can do work using any electronic device, to draw, to entertain or to read a book. The surface has a gap in the middle for the heat of computer devices to escape, with a strong elastic band to secure the gear. The two retractable shelves can be pulled to the left or right for storage of phones, other gadgets, and there is a place for a drink cup.

TaboLap is the creation of Lien Hoang. She put her 19 years of extensive experience as a business traveler to use in creating a flexible mobile personal computing center. She has received a US patent for the TaboLap, and now wants to use crowdfunding to raise marketing and production funds for the TaboLap. TaboLap brief is a TSA checkpoint friendly carry on brief as all users have to do is unzip and open the brief in half into its TSA butterfly style.

Ms. Hoang has worked internationally in telecommunications and understands the many challenges of the business traveler, particularly the practical aspects of getting work done on the go. She saw that the time has come to solve the challenge of using a computer and devices simultaneously while on the move, as well as with real convenience and comfort. That's when she founded AdeptTrends LLC, back in 2011, and set out on the initial design of the TaboLap. She wanted to create the perfect mini mobile work station. She seeks to help business and leisure travelers use their technology with ease and comfort.

AdeptTrends will be at the One Spark 2014 Convention in Jacksonville, FL April 9 - 13. One Spark will be held across multiple venues and galleries throughout a 20 square block area of downtown Jacksonville. The convention will be a showcase of innovative products seeking capital through crowdsourcing.

AdeptTrends has a Facebook page with more information about their appearances at One Spark and other events. Their Facebook page is located at

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About AdeptTrends
Founded by Lien Hoang, AdeptTrends offers not only the new and innovative American brand, the TaboLap mobile workstation inside a brief, but also a variety of original designs of genuine leather bags and accessories, handmade by the founder and the AdeptTrends Team.

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