Famous Marketing Guru Unveils New Online Business Venture - Excited Marketers Jump on Board

Excited internet marketers lining up for new business opportunity


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/22/2011 -- In response to the massive outcry for effective ways to make money online, one24 is announcing the release of its brand new system that users say “is unlike any other online business venture ever created.”

For those who have felt the sting of online money making programs that amount to wasted time and money, when a system comes along that actually works the online marketing world tends to notice.

According to a recent report by CNN, One24 is an online opportunity that powers through all the fluff and actually makes people money with proven, field-tested systems.

Created by Mark Seyforth, a savvy entrepreneur who has become something of a legend in the world of network marketing, the system boasts a never-before seen business plan that successfully capitalizes on all the positives of online business management with few of the negatives.

The system reportedly allows people to make an exponentially increasing income that rises based on their time in the company. Unlike other systems that weigh such things as performance, units sold, or even referrals; the One24 system doesn’t require standard forms of “achievements” for users to increases their profits. The creators specifically designed those types of tedious requirements out of the business model and have instead chosen to reward time in the company as the number one determinate of monthly revenue. Strictly speaking, this means a user can “just hang around” and still make a sizable profit.

“Doesn’t seem possible?” says Marcy Reeves, “well, every time I talk about One24 I feel like I’m making it all up. But the truth is, I’m making A LOT of money from the system with a minimal amount of work. The one catch of course is the waiting list, but once you get past that, the potential for actually retiring after two years is real- it’s not just empty promises.”

Perhaps the biggest difference between One24 and any other system is their retention rates. Most companies lose over half of their users in the first few months but with One24 “staying” is incentivized so effectively that they retain almost all of their sign-ups. They have achieved this by giving new members a money-making guarantee during their first four months with the system. After that, the results increase exponentially, and eventually build into a stream of revenue that can allow members to retire in as little as 24 months (hence the name of the program).

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