Joe Bragg Simplifies Unlocking Android Devices


San Fransisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/25/2012 -- Android is one of the most exciting hand held device operating systems for both developers and users alike, but many people are eager to do more with their Android device than the manufacturer or network operator allows. Many Android device owners are unlocking (or “rooting”, as it is known) their devices to break down these artificially imposed limits and obtain full access to all the capabilities of their phone.

One company that is gaining a lot of attention in this space is, creators of a new piece of software that gives Android users the ability to unlock their device using an incredibly simple piece of software. As the name suggests, this operation can be performed automatically with just one click, eliminating the need for complex procedures or detailed technical knowledge. They are gaining a lot of attention for the extreme simplicity of their software, and the fact that they have created a one-click solution to a previously complicated procedure.

The site gives a list of the features and options that could be available to Android device owners after the unlocking process is complete. Obviously these features will vary depending on the hardware, but the overall message is that the unlocking process will allow users to access the full potential of the device. The site’s Top Root Apps section shows the apps that users can have access to on their unlocked device.

In addition to information about the software, there is also a regularly updated and informative blog dealing with Android use in general, and unlocking in particular.

A spokesperson for the website said:

“Unlocking an Android device used to be an incredibly complicated operation. Previously, to unlock a device successfully you would need in depth technical knowledge and a lot of time. Either that, or you would have been forced to pay someone to do it for you. Our software changes all that. It puts a powerful, one click unlocking solution into the hands of consumers. Now, unlocking an android device is neither time consuming, complicated or expensive. You can just click once, and you have full access to all the capabilities of the device. Consumers can install any software they choose, use any network carrier they prefer, and use the phone in any way that is physically possible, not just in the way that the manufacturer or network forces you to.”

One Click Root is a piece of software that allows Android device owners to unlock or “root” their device with just one click.

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