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ONEdersave Launches the Improved EcoBio-Block to Simplify Aquarium and Pond Maintenance

EcoBio-Block, the Japanese water purifying block, now containing a newly improved formula of healthy bacteria colonies which break down organic waste to keep water clean, clear and healthy has been launched by ONEdersave Products LLC.


Edmeston, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/12/2013 -- Aquarium ownership is a responsibility that comes with a lot of cleaning time. Due to the living organisms colonizing an aquarium, the picturesque scenes they create can often quickly be blurred by cloudy water caused by particles floating in the water, together with natural organic waste from fish and their food. This requires that aquariums be regularly cleaned and water be regularly changed, which can prove a significant challenge for delicate ecosystems to remain in balance, often causing unnecessary loss of fish.

EcoBio-Block is a combination of porous volcanic rock, and bacillus bacteria which are released steadily upon immersion into the water and break down ammonia and nitrites which are harmful to fish. This helps create an ideal ecosystem for aquariums and ponds alike.

ONEdersave provides distinct products for aquariums, including stones of two different sizes, and pebbles for small tanks. The company also provides products tailored for outdoor ponds. EcoBio-Block is a boon to the busy, modern person who wants the joy of having an aquarium or pond, but just doesn’t have time to do all the work. Water changes and maintenance are greatly reduced as the colonies in the block multiply and disperse in the water, speeding up the nitrogen cycle and making and keeping the water clear, clean and healthy.

A spokesperson for ONEdersave explained, “A cloudy fish tank is both frustrating and worrying for aquarium owners, as it requires a long process of cleaning the filter and changing the water, and provides even more difficult challenges for those hosting live algae or coral. EcoBio-Block provides a continuing source of the beneficial bacteria which is found in a natural ecosystem, allowing the tank to balance itself and retain clean, clear and healthy water in which fish can thrive happily. The product can reduce water changes significantly, helping both new owners and veterans get more pleasure for less work.”

About ONEdersave
Utilizing aquarium purifying technology originally developed by the Japanese, ONEdersave Products LLC is pleased to be the sole distributors of EcoBio-Block aquarium and pond products to the United States and Canada. EcoBio-Block helps keep aquariums clean, clear and healthy by naturally breaking down organic waste and providing colonies of healthy bacteria. For more information, please visit: