OneRush Launches Platform to Stream Music for Free

Create online music playlists and search your favorite song lyrics with ease


Chesterbrook, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/19/2013 -- For those who love to stream new music and stay up-to-date with all that latest songs in the music world, OneRush is the perfect place to stream music for free, create online music playlists to enjoy your favorite tracks, search song lyrics and do much more.

OneRush is a one stop destination for music lovers. No matter what the occasion, you will find music that will delight you and can even download your favorite songs for free. For the convenience of our members, we have also have some ready-made playlists that have been created by various users and while some like ‘Christmas songs’ and ‘Valentine’s Day Songs’ are for everyone, there are several playlists that compile songs of top artists so that members can find their favorite song and listen to music while they work on their computers”, says a member. “The information on artists and albums are gathered using the iTunes API service and some of the music tracks or videos are played on YouTube. We aren’t officially affiliated with iTunes and also don’t host videos or mp3 on our servers because OneRush is all about what our members like to hear and see, and they decide what will be featured on the site”, he adds.

At the Users section, one can see the profile created by every user who is member of OneRush and also see their created playlists. Not only is OneRush the best way to stream music for free, it is also a great way to meet people from across the globe who shares the same music interests and to stay connected.

Since 2007, OneRush has grown from an online social network to an ‘On Demand’ music streaming service. With thousands of unique visitors, members and a library of over 1 million songs, OneRush provides the ability for users to search and stream music for free, watch music videos, create and save playlists, do song lyrics search, chat with friends and more. For the convenience of their members, music has been divided in to genres so that one can pick the kind of music they like, find all the latest artists and songs and enjoy good music. From Rock to Alternative Rock to Hip Hop to Reggae to R&B and much more, OneRush has many genres and several artists featured under each genre to pick from.

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