Joe Bragg Launches to Provide Information About Onesies

New site dedicated to onesies launches to provide consumers with information about onesies and links to the very best onesies available online.


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/30/2013 -- Onesies have emerged recently as something of a fashion phenomenon. In just the last few years a garment that would normally be associated with the very young has become a must have item for adults. Onesies are usually worn as an extremely comfortable item to lounge around the house in, and some of the more interesting designs are even being worn as costumes or club wear.

One onesies related website that is getting a lot of attention at the moment is, a new site that has launched to provide the Australian public with a blow by blow account of the onesies craze. It is quickly becoming regarded as the best onesies related site on the Internet.

The site contains a short history of onesies as an adult garment, charting their progression from babywear, to adult wear, to a must have fashion item. There are also helpful hints and tips about how to find great onesies, both online and offline.

In addition to providing information about onesies, the site also curates links to a wide selection of different onesies. All of the featured onesies are extremely high quality and well designed. has done a great job of selecting the most appealing onesies. There is a particular focus on animal onesies, but many other kinds are also well represented.

A spokesperson for the website said: “It’s really incredible what has happened with the onesie. Who would have thought that an item of clothing that was principally designed for babies would prove so popular with men and women? The truth is that once people try on a onesie they invariably immediately fall in love with the extreme comfort. It’s probably the most comfortable item of clothing that has ever been invented. Also interesting is the emerging phenomenon of people wearing onesies to concerts, clubs, music festivals and other events. Onesies aren’t just comfortable; they are also becoming extremely fashionable. It can be difficult to find the right onesie, so we put together a collection of links to our favourite onesies across the Internet.”

About is a website dedicated to onesies, the all in one garment. The site contains information about onesies, as well as a collection of purchase links.

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