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OneWay Addresses the Shortage of Mobile Video Ads


Tianhe, China -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/12/2016 -- The milestone presentation Mobile is Eating the World (given by mobile analyst and authority Benedict Evans at Andreessen Horowitz's Tech Summit 2014) is the best way to describe how mobile video—powered by mobile programmatic — is poised to rock the digital world in 2016. Nowadays, more and more consumers are occupied by MIDs which consists a vital part of normal life. Mobile video advertising development prospects. In the context of  rapid development of Internet, the sudden emergence of mobile video advertising has given birth to a lot of unique video advertising platforms including Oneway, the solution to the shortage of mobile video ads.

As an entrepreneurial team, it's a strong back-up force for high quality mobile video ads that Oneway video advertising company includes more than 30 people half of whom are technical staff. As the founder and CEO of the company, Li Wei has many years of related industry experience with keen insight and understanding of mobile video ads. Combining with his practical experience and theoretical reserves,he strives to enhance the level of the industry with the group to develop new technology on mobile video advertising, breaking the video ads barriers, for instance, difficult to optimize and untimely to effect feedback.

At present, the global mobile video advertising platforms are mainly overseas platforms and the vast majority of mobile video ad playtime is of 15 seconds to 30 seconds. The ads don't support suspending and play a single form, mostly within the application of incentive video. According to data research, it's extremely difficult to attract consumers beyond 3-5 seconds because of exhaustion and fatigue. It represents a short board but business opportunity to make the Oneway come into the world.

Oneway mobile video ads run for a time length between 6 seconds and 15s, consumers can pause and pop up the landing page to have a deeper understanding of the product. Just the next day, advertisers will receive accurate data reporting and delivery optimization recommendations. Meanwhile, Oneway mobile short video ads in a variety of forms such as mainstream open-screen ads, native information ads and in-app incentive ads.

However, Oneway mobile video advertising platform is totally a simple operation. It has been built into a one-stop independent developer platform. Developers can self-register the official website. After adding applications, obtaining ID, downloading,integrating SDK and uploading application review, they can integrate Oneway SDK to realize traffic realization.

So far, Oneway mobile short video ads Server nodes around the world to accurately reproduce short video ads in more than 100 countries and regions on the quality of media broadcast on more than 100 million times a month.

Leaded by Oneway, the short mobile video ads make a huge contribution to the increase of customers while helps to hold them tightly. It's no doubt that it will obtain high-quality global users for developers and achieve the ultimate realization of the global flow of liquidity with more convenient services.

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