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Chicago, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/12/2013 -- The Internet has been used to communicate with one another now for just over a decade. Since the launch of the first Internet connection (dial-up), chat rooms have blossomed all over the Internet. They are a relatively simple concept, but one which integrates directly into the human body's nature. As humans, we love to communicate with one another. Whatever our interests or our favorite topics, we love to discuss and contemplate different aspects of life with one another. Several chat rooms have launched during the past 10-years, and unfortunately, many of these have now crumbled and shut down. The majority of these chat rooms served as a central hub for many people around the world.

The most notable online chat room which shut-down was Yahoo's chat room. Their chat room was used by thousands of chatters around the world, and was shut down - leaving people with nowhere to go.Luckily, one website in particular has sprouted up and has offered a new home to chatters. Planet Live Chat is a new innovative online chat room site and community, jam packed with new features and concepts that revolutionize the traditional chat room. Currently, Planet Live Chat boasts video and voice chat capabilities, and offers members with the opportunity to meet new people. Already, since the launch of the site, Planet Live Chat has allowed members to meet new friends, and even meet new love partners. Several members of the growing chat room have already e-mailed in to let the site know of their new found love. However, what makes Planet Live Chat different from other chat rooms is that each chat room focuses on a specific category of discussion.

All users need to do is join a chat room which interests them, and they are instantly connected with chatters who share the same thoughts and interests. Members can be found on Planet Live Chat throughout the day, whatever the date or the time. In fact, some members lounge around 24-hours per day, and are willing to talk to anybody, about anything - quite literally. Planet Live Chat also supports mobile clients, such as smart phones and iPads, and offers an immersible experience for anybody who just wants to log on to the Internet and have a chat.

While other chat rooms may be dieing out and shutting down, Planet Live Chat is only growing in popularity each and everyday. If you're looking for a new chat room to hang out at, or want to begin meeting new friends, consider heaving over to the free Internet chat room hosted by Planet Live Chat.

About Planetlivechat
One of the greatest tools that we have today is online chat rooms. Planetlivechat is your best way to meet people from all parts of the world. You are no longer limited by distance and your friendship can now go beyond borders in this free chat network. You can have access to thousands of people who are looking for good company to spend their evenings and weekends in their favorite online chat room talking about interesting topics. It is great fun finding new friends daily and interacting with them through chat sites.

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