U Love Carpets

Online Carpet Shop Offers Free Samples


Preston, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/14/2014 -- ULove Carpets, one of the few online shops that include Cormar carpets among their lineup, is offering their clients carpet samples for free.

“We feel it is vital to your buying process for you to touch and feel a carpet before you decide to buy from us,” the UK-based team explains on its website. They offer samples of all carpet lines available throughout their online shop—from cheap carpets to high-quality Brinton and Cormar carpets.Thisfree service is being offered by the company as a solution to the common problem of other online shops where customers complain that what they received from a purchase is different from what they expected based on what they saw online.

The carpet samples come in a booklet that will be sent out to the customer’s specified address within three working days. The samples are 9x9cm in size and they come with detailed information about the products included in the booklet. The company also offers free professional advice for those who cannot decide on which of their range of cheap carpets and high-end, branded carpets to order.

Ordering Process
The samples are ordered through their site, wherein customers are allowed as much as three samples. They do so by simply clicking on an “Order Free Sample” button below the images of the carpet products they wish to check on. This will add the chosen samples to a “Sample Basket” which a customer may view should he wish to make any changes to his choice of carpets. Afterwards, the customer will be requested to enter his information. The order will be reviewed and verified by ULove-Carpets’ team, and shall arrange for it to be sent out within 3 business days. The sample will arrive at the customer’s delivery address one working day after it has been sent out.

For more information about their Cormar carpets, Brinton carpets, cheap carpets, accessories, and other products and services, customers are encouraged to contact them at 0800-433-2009 or simply visit their website at http://www.ulove-carpets.co.uk.