Online Community Launches for People Without Children


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/12/2014 -- A unique website has been unveiled aimed at people who do not have children through circumstance or personal choice. The online community is the vision of Nina Steele, and was created in response to her own experiences to help others deal with common issues related to childlessness, including finding a meaning to life and loneliness in old age. offers people without children the chance to communicate with others in a similar situation, and provides an archive of resources and news articles on the subject of childlessness. Members of the site also have exclusive access to their own profile and can engage in forums and groups, to discuss difficult matters about their personal journeys.

The founder of the innovative website, Nina Steele, made the decision to stop trying to have a child after attempting to conceive for nine years. Although she is childless by circumstance, she also recognises that people who are childless by choice can inspire other couples unable to have children. Understanding the difficulties and hurdles that people without children have to overcome, she decided to set up the website to lead the childless community into happy, fulfilling lives in the absence of children.

Nina says, “After my own personal ordeal lasting almost a decade, I have now come to terms with not having children, and I am passionate to help others do the same. There are so many couples out there still struggling to lead a fulfilled, satisfying life and having a group of people to connect with in similar situations can make a huge difference.”

She added, “7.5 million families in the UK don’t include children, so that is a huge part of society that is sometimes forgotten about. The website is a great platform for learning from other people’s decisions and situations, and creates a place where people without children can unite. Couples can read other’s personal stories and submit their own if they’re comfortable doing so. There is also a wide range of information and resources available on issues surrounding childlessness, from finding new hobbies to creating legacies without offspring.”

An important purpose of the website is to assure struggling couples that there is more to life than reproduction, and with its research articles and support offered through groups and members, it is in a great position to reach out to the UK’s childless community. With a focus on both kinds of childless couples – those who mutually decided not to have children, and those who are naturally unable to - could be the solution for many individuals to finally find acceptance, happiness and contentment in their lives.

For more information about the website for non-parents or to join the growing online community, visit or their Facebook page:

The site was launched by Nina Steele in November 2013 and is an online community for people who either through personal circumstances or by choice, do not have children. The site offers users the chance to share their stories and learn from others in similar circumstances.