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Online Dating Goes Minimalist - Tracy Freese Strips Down the World of Online Dating in New E-Book

Minimalist Meeting, Mating, and Online Dating Chronicles The Author’s Struggles and Triumphs in Online Dating - Does She Get Her Happy Ending?

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Cedar Falls, IA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/26/2013 -- Anyone who has tried online dating knows the importance of first impressions. Hopeful daters jump into the love pool with their eyes closed to what’s really around them. Their mind is so cluttered with what “should be” that they miss out on “what is.” Tracy Freese fully admits her mind was cluttered when it came to online dating. She wanted the tall, dark and handsome fairy-tale like so many of us do. So how did she achieve her happy ending?

Minimalist Meeting, Mating and Online Dating gives readers a voyeuristic look into how Tracy dipped her toes in the online dating pool and how she streamlined her cluttered approached into a minimalist approach that ended up landing her the man of her dreams – but not necessarily what she set out to find. This e-book also serves as a how-to-guide for those looking to kick the clutter to the curb and meet the ideal match for them.

“A push-up bra and stacked heels were my weapons of choice, and I was out for total annihilation. Sure, I looked the part of ‘man bait’--sexy and self-confident--but my concept of happiness was still socially cluttered, and utterly oblivious. So when readers look to me for an online dating how-to manual, please remember, I am a self-proclaimed ‘dating fool’. The only solace I can give my readers is I have been there and done that, so learn from my mistakes and go forth successfully. After the research was done and over, I struggled with how to rationalize being “successful” online with being “authentic” online because successful dating online is many times giving in to the unhealthy gender pressures we face in society on a daily basis that we absolutely do not even notice.”

Readers will learn:

-What does minimalist dating mean – and which is more important – quality or quantity?
-Does minimalist dating mean settling? The answer may surprise Everyone.
-How to rid one's life of a negative relationship
-It is possible to break free from constraints that society puts on us when it comes to dating
-Why creating an honest online dating profile is more important than creating a flashy one
-Is physical appearance the most important aspect when looking for an ideal mate?
-How to let the real One shine through even when society expects one to be someone else
-How does sex fit into the equation?
-What are the best online dating sites for meeting a match?
-Where does the strong independent female fit into all this?

One of the most important things that readers will take away is how to de-clutter their love life.

“ Clutter is a man feeling the need to “provide” for a woman, clutter is wanting a virgin, clutter is excluding anyone who is too educated because they would make everyone feel stupid. Clutter is a woman minimizing her successes in order to make a man feel more accomplished, clutter is a woman lying about who she really is to please a potential partner. Those things need to be pushed aside.”

Want to find out if Tracy got her happily-ever-after? To purchase Minimalist Meeting, Mating and Online Dating, visit http://www.homeofwealth.com/products/minimalist-meeting-mating-and-online-dating.

About Tracy Freese
Tracy Freese, MA, MFP, CTEP is a co-founder of Home of Wealth – a website dedicated to the minimalist lifestyle. She has dedicated her career to educating others about the minimalist perspective. She has spent the past ten years providing personal finance advice as a stock broker, insurance specialist, and corporate trustee. Tracy left the corporate greed behind and began a new chapter as entrepreneur, educator, and author. She believes uncluttering life will lead to financial prosperity and has repurposed her expertise to support a wider online audience.

Tracy has used her minimalist perspective to tackle online dating and came out a winner. She is on a mission to help others to the same. She also believes in placing charity before profit 100%. She supports Philanthrocapitalism, by donating $1 of every product sold to support Microfinance efforts, a form of financial services for entrepreneurs and small business owners lacking access to banking and related services. To learn more, visit www.homeofwealth.com/.

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