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Sacramento, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/07/2014 -- A rising number of African filmmakers are making works about African issues that challenge preconceptions and capture the true essence of Africa. However, due to cultural differences and financial limitations, an effective strategy for distributing these moving images outside Africa’s borders and showcasing the true Africa to a global community has not been available…until now.

iLunafriq has been created for exactly this reason – to showcase African films to audiences outside Africa using a Streaming Video-On-Demand platform to do so. Given the reach, accessibility and pull of online platforms, online distribution is a great solution for filmmakers with the burning need to reach viewers beyond their immediate communities and Africa’s borders.

“We leverage African cinema and the reach and power of online platforms to tell a different story, one aimed at improving the image of Africa and Africans in mainstream western media”, says Anwuli Okeke, iLunafriq’s Content Acquisition Director. “To accomplish this, we cultivate and nurture relationships with filmmakers, content producers and rights holders to obtain streaming rights to their titles (documentaries, short films, series and more) making them available on our platform to a global audience.”

iLunafriq is not only part of the distribution equation, they’re also part of the education equation necessary to empower new filmmaking voices. In most of Africa, irregular power creates the need for battery operated film equipment that is of high quality, but accessibly priced. They work to provide these types of equipment while offering training to help local filmmakers know where to get these products, learn how to use them to make superior films, and get connected with trained critics to further improve. Since these filmmakers are now better positioned to get their films distributed successfully, those who’ve made use of the targeted training are then required to teach other filmmakers what they’ve been taught—to ‘pass it on’ to their aspiring neighbors and countrymen.

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From short films to feature films, documentaries to series, iLunafriq is all about presenting African narratives to a wider audience. As an SVOD network, iLunafriq puts viewers face to face with Africa in film created by brilliant and creative minds, fostering the right exposure to the right individuals in the entertainment arena.