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Online Ecig Retailer Announces New AquaVMax Eliquid Options


Broadway, NC -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/16/2013 -- As the popularity of electronic cigarettes continues to grow, smokers are increasingly looking for more flavor and nicotine options to satisfy their “vaping” craving. To meet this demand,, announces the Aqua VMAX line of eLiquid refills for eCigarettes.

The new line of eLiquids is proudly made in North Carolina from top-of-the-line USP grade materials that are specially formulated to be smooth and full of flavor – something smokers have come to expect from a premium smoke juice product.

“We can proudly say that with just one puff, a smoker will instantly taste the unique taste that can only be found in our Aqua VMAX eLiquids,” said a company spokesman. “There simply isn't another refill available on the market today that compares to ours.”

When it comes to flavors, Aqua VMAX delivers on variety. From the popular Cinna Twist and Carolina Leaf to Berryluscious and a seasonal favorite, Apple Pie, the eLiquids come in over a dozen different flavors each with different nicotine content.

“We offer four different levels of nicotine content in our new eLiquid refills,” said a company spokesman. “26mg is our highest, with 18mg, 12mg and 0mg for those who want lower, or no levels of nicotine, making our new liquids perfect for any vaper. Regardless of the nicotine content, the flavor of the Aqua VMAX is second-to-none.”

The company spokesman said, many of the new flavors were based on customer suggestions and the Aqua VMAX line is quickly set to be one of the company's best selling line of premium eLiquid refills.

For more information on the Aqua VMAX line of electronic cigarette eLiquids, visit Aqua Vapor Cig. The line is currently available in menthol, fruit, candy, food, tobacco and drink flavors, and are sold in 10, 20 and 30 ml sizes that are compatible with clearomizers, tanks, cartomizers, dripping, and cartridges.