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Online Explainer Videos Can Achieve Conversion Rate of Up to 52%, Increase Visitor Time on Website


Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/17/2014 -- recently published an article titled ‘3 Reasons Your Business Should Be Using Video’ which shared the importance of online web videos and provided three main reasons why they are considered highly successful.

This insightful publication by Robert Weiss is certainly not the first to suggest businesses, both start-ups and established, to add an explainer video (aka infographic video) on the homepage of their website. Many astonishing statistics have backed up this suggestion, one in Robert’s article being that online web video can have a conversion rate of anywhere between 6-52% depending on varying factors.

Such statistics has given rise to the video production industry, as demand of online web videos is increasing steadily and will do so for next 4-5 years according to leading marketing analysts.

Even though many new video production companies are now emerging, many businesses prefer an experienced production house since the video will be an integral part of representing the business and its services or goods.

The Dallas video production company Top Up Media is an example of a highly experienced and reputed organization that has been creating various kinds of videos since 1998.

Founded by Russ Pond, who has also produced the feature film ‘Fissure’ which was selected in AFI Dallas now the Dallas International Film Festival, Top Up Media has worked with many multi-national corporations such as Chase, Nokia, FedEx, MasterCard, American Express to create highly professional brand building and promotional videos.

The Dallas video marketing company has also created many trade show videos, carrying on the immense responsibility of showcasing a fresh product or service and enticing the leading business leaders and the general public.

Apart from the portfolio displaying all previous work of Top Up Media, the explainer video production house has shared extensive information regarding video creation on their website and has itself published articles depicting the importance of an online video and why it has become a necessity, since all other businesses are slowly but surely opting for it as well.

The articles ‘Explainer Videos on the Rise’ and ‘5 Reasons Why You Need an Explainer Video on Your Website’ which is followed by an explainer video itself, summarize the advantages of infographic videos and can be viewed on Top Up Media’s official website.

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Top Pup Media is a reputed video production company based out of Dallas which has been producing marketing, trade show, YouTube, web, educational, training and various other videos since 1998. Through the online platform,, specific details of the services offered and portfolio of videos created by the company can be viewed.

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