Fittnet Launches New Social Media Website for Fitness

Join, the online social media site where people can interact with members online as they work to achieve physical fitness and share their progress.


Clinton, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/03/2013 -- Fittnet is the latest social media website where people can find a large community of supporters as they work to obtain physical fitness.

Social media plays an increasingly larger role in society and people’s daily life, so it makes sense to use modern technology and online trends as a tool to inspire and motivate a world that’s always on the constant search for ways to achieve various fitness goals. This is where Fittnet, the free online service founded by Scott Thedwall, comes in. At Fitnett, you can post advice and recipes, interact with members, and get in great shape while learning from others’ ideas and experiences via activity feeds, videos, photos and blogs.

“When it comes to fitness and health, there is not a ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution,” Thedwall stated. “Help the world stay fit by sharing, supporting, and promoting fitness.”

Fittnet can be used in various ways and used by people of all fitness levels. Although gyms and trainers may use it to communicate with clients and other professionals in the field, Fittnet is not just for health experts; beginners can sign up and gain motivation and knowledge from members situated in any part of the world. Schools may incorporate it into physical education programs, charities may use it to promote fundraising marathons, and businesses can even creates contests among employees, such as their own “biggest loser”. At the end of the day, motivation from a proactive support system is achieved, thus helping you to progress.

Studies constantly come to the same conclusion: people are more likely to lose weight or maintain an exercise regimen when they work on a fitness plan with others, as opposed to going at it alone. Fittnet takes the virtue of teamwork and combines with what people are familiar with: social media and online interaction.

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About Fittnet
Fittnet was founded by Scott Thedwall. A free online social media website, you can find workout partners and trainers, or just share your progress with members.

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