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Hong Kong, -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/25/2013 -- Have you ever made purchase for online game gold, items or power leveling on the Internet? Recently a survey about the online game site sales attracts people’s curiousness and attention. It says that only GW2.US, a site selling online game items, has monthly sales up to $10 million. This is totally unbelievable why people pay so much money on such virtual games. However, after the interview of the game fans and game companies, people may understand it to some extend.

“In the virtual games, it looks like another real world and each character has their life. People can enjoy something that they cannot achieve in real world, the sense of honor, be-followed, wealthy and so on” Dylan Green, a supervisor of the game company said. This may be the reason why so many fans are addicted in the online game. Meanwhile, cause these fans also need to work everyday and have no enough time to play the game, so many of them choose to buy items from online game sales site. So like GW2.US, a site offering these service directly can occupy a place in the market quickly.

“Actually, making cash trade in the game has high risk for player’s account. Many players’ accounts used to be banned with it” Kevin White, the manager of GW2.US said. Besides, making online purchase itself is also not safe enough. “there are lots of online scam sites alluring us to order form them without sending the items” a player who was suffered from online scam said. So people always consider carefully to choose a safe website making the purchase. GW2.US may be one of the good option.

“We usually pay more attention to the safety of our customers’ account, besides, with 5 hours instant delivery guarantee we can meet our customer’s demand maximally” Kevin continued saying. Checking the site of;, you can find that it has been standing in this field for more than 10 years. Therefore GW2.US have had thousands of stationary valued old customers to support it. Besides, as its statement :“notice: Using illegal leveling and gold service might terminate the account!”which was put on the top of the site, showing that GW2.US pays more attention to the safety of delivery. So if you are an online game fan, you may choose this site to have a try. Indeed, it offers relatively safe delivery, 100% safe payment and 5 hours instant delivery guarantee for some of the games. With all of these, GW2.US has been one of the outstanding online game site in this field.

GW2.US provides with gw2 gold, items, power leveling and accounts. Its aim is to offer safe and secure service to his customers and relax them. Game is a good choice to release stress.

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