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Online Gems Store with Worldwide shipping for free


Haryana, India -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/08/2013 -- Shopping for jewelry online is gaining prominence with the increasing demand for a wide range of collection and the ease of access. When it comes to a reliable online gems store, Bello Jewels is the single most recommended source for purchasing the high-end designer jewelry. They are considered to be the best online gems store as they offer a wide spread of gemstone collection which can be bought either as a precious stone or can be adorned into a piece of jewelry.

Bello Jewels has attained this prominence over other online Gems store as they not only offer a range of gemstone collection but also have the insights of Vedic importance listed for the users. With their roots in a religious hub like India, the site captures the religious implications and Vedic relation to gems and the way it can transform the life for good. As a gemstone is dependent on the person’s day of birth, the calculator would enable a customer to purchase the right gemstone. These gemstones can also be gifted to a loved one either as an independent stone or can be set in a sterling silver ring or a necklace. Receiving a gemstone as a gift is considered to be auspicious and aids in building a stronger relationship.

As a recognized online gems store, Bello Jewels gives various options of payment for their customers. This is the only online store that provides free worldwide shipping and their progress in catering to online gemstone orders has been unquestionable. Customers who chose Bello Jewels get the advantage of buying the gemstones in varied designs and shapes. The uniqueness of each gemstone can be noticed in the way it is displayed. The site even provides valuable information on the importance of gemstones and links to a blog where many of their clients praise their invaluable service. There are attractive discounts on a few classic gemstones that are offered by the manufacturer. The description given for each stone would help in identifying the design of the gemstone.

For more information on the jewels contact the toll free numbers at + (91)-9555149149 (India) and 1-855-835-GEMS(4367) (USA/ Canada). Checkout the gemstone collection at

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