Online Health Insurance Shopping Can Be Fun if You Choose the Right Source


Newtown Square, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/02/2013 -- There are some things a health insurance quote must have, particularly when shopping online.

“Shopping for online health quotes can either be a fun process or a pain. It’s up to you which kind experience you have,” indicated Clelland Green, RHU, CEO, and President of Benepath, Pennsylvania. “But before you jump into the fray, keep a few tips in mind, and things will go a whole lot smoother for you.”

Remember that no two health insurance quotes are ever the same. How could they be when they are for different people, or the same person has provided different information to two or more providers? “What works for the neighbor will not necessarily work for you. So make sure you only use your health information,” added Green.

People will want to ensure the agent they are dealing with is licensed to sell and provide insurance. While that may seem like an odd thing to check, life happens. “Be cautious when spending money on something as important as health insurance and make sure the policy received is exactly what you expected it to be,” he said. Along with that precaution, be aware that comparing prices and policies is a smart thing to do. The best health insurance quote is the one that offers a policy suited to an individual’s specific needs.

Always ask questions. The insurance agent is there to answer them and they know their products intimately. “If in doubt about what a policy provides, how it would cover your particular needs, what it does not cover and how expensive it may or may not be -- speak up. The last thing you want to do is spend money on a health insurance policy that does not meet your needs,” Green pointed out.

So many people these days are in a hurry to just get something that covers “whatever.” They do not want to spend too much time learning about insurance policies. The problem is “whatever” may not be what happens, and if “whatever” is not covered, “whatever” could be very expensive. “Think twice about your health insurance coverage. It has to actually cover you when you need it,” Green said. “No point in paying for a policy that won’t pick up the tab later because you didn’t check first.”

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