Online Herbal Medicine Company, PT Jamu Borobudur Launches Own Website


Semarang, Central Java -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/26/2012 -- Since time immemorial, herbal medicines have been there to offer people a great sense of relief from whatever disease or pains that they may be suffering from. When herbal medicines have been discovered to have economic value, such products also went on to the market and they have proven their economic worth. This is true for people who became wealthy just because of the said medicines. Because doing any kind of business nowadays has evolved greatly, which is evidenced by online marketing and online shopping, the business of herbal medicines is also up for the challenges of the said online activities. PT Jamu Borobudur of Central Java is one of the herbal medicine enterprises that are up for the said challenges - jamu tradisional

PT Jamu Borobudur is considered as one of the largest herbal medicine manufacturers in the country. The company operates one of the largest extraction centers and uses a state-of-the art processing technique to manufacture its products. No wonder, the company has been awarded an ISO 9001 certification for its quality management process. Not only that, the company also sells its own products, which is good for PT, as it allows the company’s operation to be done in the most cost-efficient way. Because selling products nowadays can be done effectively through the use of internet, the company has also decided to sell its products in the said fashion.

Having its own website is considered a milestone for PT Jamu Borobudur. It is also something that is cherished by the company’s clients. This is because the website does not only make the company known, but it also serves as online shopping website where the company’s products can be bought. The website can be navigated easily and boasts its being secured for the company’s clients. Moreover, the company’s website has all the features that any PT Jamu Borobudur client would love. It is light to see and can be understood by both Indonesian nationals as well as by foreigners. This is because of the availability of the website both in Indonesian and English languages. Clients can also have their accounts in the website securely.

With the presence of the PT Jamu Borobudur website on the World Wide Web, herbal medicine fanatics will have no problems in ordering their wanted and needed herbal medicines.

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