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Online Marketing Company Red Cherry Digital Solutions Explains the Problem in Advertising to Teens on Facebook

In response to an article published by Mashable, leading online marketing company Red Cherry Digital Solutions discusses the decrease in teen activity on Facebook, and if it’s truly a problem for advertisers.


Calgary, AB -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/07/2014 -- Red Cherry Digital Solutions a leading Internet Marketing Agency Calgary and an award-winning online marketing company, responds to an article published on January 3, which details a decreasing number of teens using Facebook and the impact on social media advertising opportunities.

According to the Mashable article titled “Facebook’s ‘Teen Problem’ Is More of a Media Problem,” teens are starting to be less active on Facebook, but advertisers don’t think it could have serious implications for advertising. The article says advertisers do not view teenagers in the same way consumers do. In fact, advertisers don’t consider teenagers do be main targets on social media. Companies that like to advertise on social media tend to focus more towards 25 to 40 year olds, mainly because they have more purchasing power.

Dan Carter, president of client relations at award winning online marketing company Red Cherry Digital Solutions, believes that losing teens is a problem, but not significant. “Teens use social media more for connecting with friends and sharing photos,” he explains. “In reality, it’s the older consumers, ages 25-40 that are using social media to buy things. Teens lack that essential purchasing power because they have to go through their parents. Marketing to teens is important because they will grow older and obtain purchasing power eventually. However, it won’t be too detrimental to lose some consumers around that age because they aren’t an active demographic.”

Dan Carter says successful social media marketing campaigns must create content that can be related to teens as well as adults. “Memes and other viral Internet phenomena are a great way to get teens thinking about your brand, while still catering to consumers with purchasing power,” he says.

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