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Online Marketing DNA Now Open to the General Public With Exclusive Offer

Online Marketing DNA is now officially open with services available to the general public. Simon Volkov, Chief Marketing Strategist, is limiting the offer to 21 companies.


Bellingham, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/18/2012 -- Online Marketing DNA (OMDNA) is now officially open with an exclusive offering. Their cross-channel Social Media Marketing service will help businesses to build industry authority online and to leverage that presence to generate Traffic, Leads, and Sales. Focus is on building a high ranking in organic search engine results and sustaining it long-term. OMDNA designs its strategies to adapt to ever-changing interweb algorithms and new marketing media, improving them through extensive testing until the desired results are obtained.

"People now expect and demand instant access to information," explains Simon Volkov, the Chief Marketing Strategist for Online Marketing DNA , "and their use of the Internet is a moving target." As marketing becomes ever more complex and diverse, small and medium sized businesses struggle to establish their online brand, hampering leads and sales.

Business owners and marketing directors understand the need for marketing in general and online marketing in particular; however, they neither know how to go about it nor possess the desire and resources to learn. Moreover, they find the complexity overwhelming, especially the now critical social media aspects.

Enter OMDNA with its marketing services solution, customizable for small business owners and larger marketing departments alike. Their strategies emulate those utilized by Fortune 1000 companies and yet are scalable to match the client's budget.

OMDNA calls its proprietary program the "Proven System," having been thoroughly tested and shown to produce desired results repeatedly. "Online marketing succeeds only by executing a well-strategized plan and nimbly adapting to the always evolving interweb," explains Volkov. "Our process of mapping out a master strategy takes time to implement, but the results speak for themselves."

Volkov restricts the number of clients to twenty-one, accepting only those who demonstrate a solid commitment to his process and who have the capacity to follow through. This constraint assures a satisfactory long-term relationship for everyone. Prices start at just a few thousand dollars a month.

The Proven System allows small businesses to concentrate on what they know best, letting OMDNA do all the online marketing grunt work. Find out how to direct more traffic to your website. Go to OMDNA's homepage and watch the video presented. Fill in the form with your email address and number to receive a free white paper.

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Online Marketing DNA (OMDNA) provides cross-channel business marketing services , including search engine optimization (SEO) and social media, to help businesses boost their online visibility and ranking. The thoroughly tested and proven system OMDNA has developed leverages technology in a manner both cost-effective and scalable.

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