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Online Marketing DNA Offers Training Videos in Social Media to Small Businesses

Build a more solid online outreach and relationships with customers through expertise in social media marketing


Bellingham, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/03/2012 -- Online Marketing DNA (OMDNA) has now opened limited enrollment for its packages of social media training. These programs enable small business owners to take advantage of online networking to expand their presence in the local market.

“Very few entrepreneurs know how to capitalize on this segment because of its newness,” says Simon Volkov, OMDNA founder. “The video training classes we offer focus on what they need, including choosing the optimal networking groups, building a social community, and implementing marketing strategies already proven online.”

Even though networking has been an effective technique to market a company for some time, the social media aspects are relatively new. Nevertheless, the same principle of developing relationships with contacts prior to making a sales pitch still applies.

The way this works with social media is to encourage contacts to provide the business with some manner of referral resembling the traditional word-of-mouth. The “like” and “share” buttons so prevalent today are prime examples. The result is that the power of social networking groups is used to form a fan base in a local market that in many respects is a captive audience.

Naturally, there is a danger of overdoing it, leading to negative feedback, angry customers, complaints, and bad reviews. With the instant communicability of the Internet, bad news can spread at least as fast as good. Essential understanding for the online entrepreneur is how to communicate and interact with others effectively and positively.

By enrolling in social media marketing training owners learn the right way to go about this, giving their companies a competitive edge. They avoid the pitfalls of a trial-and-error approach and start using right away the strategies already proven to work. Their advertising dollars bring a more rapid and higher rate of return.

“Coaching brings an extra level of support, accountability, and guidance to clients,” says Volkov, “pushing them to enter uncharted waters confidently and fearlessly. In this way, social marketing can be likened to training for a triathlon.”

Online Marketing DNA is actually offering a choice of social marketing course products. One provides video training alone; the other combines video training with direct individualized coaching.

The videos are accessible whenever convenient. They are self-contained, showing how to integrate social media into existing marketing plans. However, social media coaching enables the client to attain the next level more aggressively. Students in both programs learn techniques for establishing networking groups and getting noticed online.

Volkov emphasizes the importance of building a good online fan base. “It’s the first step towards strong online presence,” he says. “Our programs incorporate the best methods for helping novices to become experts in social media marketing for their specific niche.”

OMDNA, as a full-service agency, provides free social media marketing training and SEO videos as well as the paid coaching and video training programs. They restrict the size of their clientele to maintain close working relationships. Reserve an opening now or get your name on the waiting list if classes are at capacity.

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Online Marketing DNA (OMDNA) provides a range of packages for helping businesses achieve a strong Internet presence, including social media training . Their products encompass all aspects of Web marketing and are geared towards helping entrepreneurs attain high organic search-engine rankings over the long term. Act now to take advantage of their offerings by contacting Online Marketing DNA .

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